Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sedentary to Not-so-sedentary

Today I'm going to write a blog entry. I haven't in a while, so I'm going to start out slow. See, sometimes I go a while without working out and then I go running and I renounce exercise forever. I don't want to do that with this blog. No sir.

The best way to start out slow is to just post a bunch of pictures. I've heard they are worth a thousand words, so get ready.

This is a picture of our jack-o-lantern. But wait a second, Christy. It's Christmas-time! 


Deal with it. 

All lit up. Impressed?...Daniel did it. 

Here I am holding the magnificent creature. Daniel says I look very wifely in this picture. I will open that up for discussion. 

So this entry is taking on a Halloween-theme. So sorry about that. It will be changing soon, but I just have to show you our Halloween costumes.

I was a Kitty Cat Nurse Practitioner. You know...like a nurse...who can prescribe certain medications and treatments...but it's a cat...

I get costume-anxiety.

Daniel was Aladdin. Obviously. 

Alright now, let's see. What else can I show you without having to write that much?

Kaley and I had a book burning! 

Whoa...just kidding.

Obviously we celebrated Baylor homecoming with the traditional bonfire! This was my first night since being married to sleep away from Daniel, and Kaley made it an easy transition by telling me a supposedly true story about a little person in a clown costume who sneaks into your home and watches you sleep. Thanks, Kaley! I owe you one...

This is Daniel with a pot that Santa Anna used to pee in. History!

I've been cooking. 

This is Daniel and I in front of Target on Black Friday (actually, it was Thanksgiving day, but they opened at midnight). Dan says the line was about half a mile long while I would compare it to the length of the Atlantic, but whatever. It was a really long line, but we were very near the front. When the doors opened, we dramatically ran in. I distracted everyone around me by falling all over the place while Daniel gracefully ran and got us a 46 INCH HD TELEVISION. It beats that shoebox we used to call a television, that's for sure. 

Daniel had a birthday, so I made him this cake. It took me forever. Don't show this to The Cake Boss. He'll probably just be jealous.

This is Patrick and Lya with a llama. Don't worry. She bites. This is the day Dan and I went to the Christmas Tree farm with our friends Patrick, Lya, and John. It was raining the entire time and everyone's hands turned blue, but we all agree that it was the best decision we ever made.

This is my first real Christmas tree. Isn't she gorgeous? I retroactively-tweeted about the experience of setting her up. Oh, also, I'm tweeting. http://twitter.com/#!/christianalizla 

Anyway, that's it. I hope you weren't expecting some kind of thoughtful metaphor in this conclusion. If you are absolutely craving it, then I guess...life is like a pizza...because...the cheese...

Forget it. I'm starting slow. 


  1. 1. there is NO way that's a true story.
    2. What did you cook? a smurf?
    3. I'm honored to be in a picture on your blog. But did I have to be standing next to a wet, smelly creature that had the potential to spit on me at any moment, and a llama. Hey-oh!

  2. 1. I believe it and I am babysitting right now and it is scaring the crap out of me.
    2. You would think so. It was actually playdough. Lame, right?
    3. Hey-oh!

  3. Daniel's talents as a sculptor have been hidden all this time! Who knew! Kudoos to him. Also who but my little Christy would come up with such an out there costume. Love it.

  4. oh, goodness. those babies on that friggin cake...

  5. I'm on your blog!
    And the story was definitely true. I can't remember where I heard it, but that hardly seems significant right now.

  6. ok...kaley can't even site her source here. I'm going to stand firmly on team "not true."

    And i am bringing more then just my (correct) opinion to the table. Here is the story on snopes.com:




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