These are some of my most popular posts, and they are very likely the only reason you are here. Full disclosure: I've also included some of my personal faves because the internet is a strange place and I think some posts may have gotten more popular than they should have. Enjoy!

1. Wedding Planning Do-Overs Part 1 & Part 2

In these posts, I detail some things I would have done differently at my wedding such as not having a unity candle and not wearing a rhinestone octopus shirt while getting ready.

2. How to Create a Better Writing Space (And Other Thoughts On Writing)

When I decided to start calling myself a writer, I realized that I should probably stop writing while balancing my laptop on a pile of unfolded laundry. In the process, I learned a lot of important lessons about defining your creative space.

3. Progressively Married at Twenty-Two

My husband is pretty much the Dumbledore of husbands (which, by my definition, is a very good thing). When we got married at twenty-two I found myself having to constantly defend our decision to get married at the age we did. This post includes my gripes and conclusions on that front. (This post was also featured on Hello Giggles)

4. 10 Things I Like About Myself

After a lifetime of shutting down the compliments friends would give me, I decided to say "thank you" instead, and I started preempting them with words of kindness to myself. Women especially need to hear this message: to love yourself and to know why you are great is not the same as lacking humility.

5. 10 Things Texans Take For Granted

While I love New York City, I have to say that the state of Texas knows what's up in a lot of ways. This post details just a few of the things I miss from that beautiful place.

6. Josh Groban Has My Face

The picture below should fairly-well describe what you can expect from this post. 

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  1. More importantly, why is Josh Groban wearing YOUR tiara??


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