Thursday, January 9, 2014

Modeling Lessons from Frasier + Sponsor Opportunities

Moments ago, an impromptu photo shoot broke out in my living room, and from it was born images so stunning that the English language has not the words to describe such rare beauty. Models, take note.

Sorry, this one got a little racy.

As you can plainly see, Frasier is levitating in the air without any external help. He is a vision in grey and white, creating art in every frame as he channels his namesake. 

Frasier vs. Frasier

I am a big fan of this cat, and honestly, who isn't? Daniel (my husband, and okay the secret is out, he's the guy holding Frasier up in the pictures) is often disheartened that I have yet to write a long in-depth post of why this cat is so awesome. Unfortunately, today is still not that day. I've only given you insight into this rare photo shoot because it actually helped inspire my new blog button. See below!

Avoiding Atrophy

Feel free to grab this little guy and put it on the sidebar of your blog. I'll gladly swap for yours.

Speaking of all this business stuff, buttons and swapping and whatnot, I just want to add that fun things are happening in the world of advertising here on Avoiding Atrophy. I'm running a little sale on my Sponsor Spotlights and Guest Posts to celebrate the new year. By using the code "SWEETDEAL" in my ad store, you will get 50% off, meaning you'll pay just $7.50 for the chance to either write a post for this blog or have me write a post gushing about you. Head on over to my advertising page to see my available ad spots. 

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you in the know! Now I leave you with this video of 100 cats roaming through IKEA. You've probably already seen it, but have you seen it enough?


  1. Haha, my favourite pictures are the ones where he looks slightly confused and alarmed!

    1. Haha we call that his ghost face! He will just be sitting there, all kinds of chill, and then he'll spot SOMETHING (nothing) and proceed to stare intently at it for minutes at a time.

  2. this is so adorable! so adorable that I want it on my blog

  3. Bahahaha this is great! Your cat is adorable!


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