Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cadillacin' & Not Before My Tea

I spent many summers of my life working at a camp in Texas, and in the kitchen of this facility worked a man named Chris. Chris is the kind of guy who leaps into your day, tells you stories that you're not quite sure you believe, and makes you laugh so easily that you forget to breathe. Having an in with Chris meant he'd sneak you extra bread in the lunch line, stash away the occasional brownie for you, and even call you "Lil Sis" (or "Cuz", if you were a man).

Chris would always playfully accuse me of "Cadillacin'" -- a word that to him meant "slacking". It's a word I loved so much that I started incorporating it into my own language only to find that no one ever knew what I was talking about. Urban Dictionary has three different definitions for "cadillacin'" two of which involve laziness and one which involves being incapacitated from smoking too much weed.

Soooo...when I say I've been cadillacin' when it comes to blogging this week, please note that I mean the lazy kind.

A woman cadillacin' in a Cadillac...with oranges (Via)

Anyway, yes, I've been full-on cadillacin' blog-wise, but that's only because life-wise things have been pretty frenetic. I can't wait to share some of the goodness that's been happening over in my neck of the woods, but while all of that stuff is totally unwritten, I'd love to introduce you to a blogger who is just the absolute opposite of Cadillacin'. She's one of my sponsors this month, so check her out, and also feel free to start incorporating your new favorite word into everyday conversation.

I'm really excited about this one, guys. Today I am pleased to introduce you to Nicole who blogs over at Not Before My Tea!


If you're a fun person who likes other fun people who do fun things, you'll probably want to head on over to Not Before My Tea right about now. Nicole is a Chicago girl with a love of running and all things hilarious.

Okay, so here's how I knew I was going to fall in love with this blog -- At the bottom of her page, you can see all of the labels she uses to tag her posts. The ones with the most usage are displayed larger, and  guys, Nicole's three most-used tags reader appreciation, humor, and BRUNCH!

There is nothing I love more than a woman with a good sense of humor who appreciates her readers & a good weekend brunch! These are all things to which I can say yes.

So yes, her passions are in the right place, but her posts are also just a blast and a half to read. She has that writing voice that makes you want to be brunch buddies (and like, honestly, I don't think she'd object to that). Here are just a few of my favorite posts from Nicole:

25 Things That Excite an Excitable Young Adult
That Time We Won $400
Four Running Things Even Runners Can't Explain
I Want to Be On GOMI

And by the way, if you're a blogger, Nicole also does blog design, so if you're scrolling around Not Before My Tea thinking "ummm this is the cutest, cleanest blog layout I've seen lately" (that's what I think anyway), you may want to hit her up.

Head on over to Not Before My Tea, read each and everyone one of her posts, and tell her Christy said hey!

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  1. I read her excitable post a few days ago and loved it! That post made me wish I could meet her just to hear her ramble on about her childhood.


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