Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Whole Bunch of Pictures of My Face

Today I've just got to throw some major credit and love to my girl, Alex, who writes over at The Shellhammer. Last week, she and I had a little photo shoot in Tompkins Square Park, and it was just sensational. I have been needing some headshotty-type photos for a while now. I mean, don't get me wrong, selfies are great, but for professional purposes, I felt it was important to get a picture of me that wasn't taken because I was bored or because I bought a new lip stain.

Now, I'm not always great in photo sessions because my smile often tends to fade into one reminiscent of a frightened chihuahua or Britney Spears on the X Factor. 

I get you, girl. (Via)

But Alex and I had a blast thinking of new ways to make me laugh (or at least to help me make this face):

This week, I posted the picture below as my new profile pic on Facebook, and I was totally surprised by how many people were vibing on my hair in the comments.

Comments included:
"Your hair has the hope of spring time"
"Please can I nap in your hair"

I'm typically a fan of my general head shape, but I've got to admit there is really some magic happening with my hair up in that photograph. I think Alex caught it mid wind gust, moments before it got completely out of control. It appears to be buoyant and full of life in an other-wordly sort of way, somehow reminding me of a very tame, noble, hairy octopus. Thank you, Alex, for capturing this rare moment, and thank you, America, for supporting me and my hair during this time.

Oh, and then as we were leaving we found a mural with kitties, so obviously we had to take advantage of that serendipity. 

Anyway, I know this post was really just a bunch of pictures of me. Don't worry, you should not expect this to be the norm, but I just wanted to show off the great work of my photographer. Thanks, Alex, for making my life a little more professional with these photos and for capturing my hair in the best moment of its life. Folks, check out this girl's blog, and tell her I said she's fantastic.

Alex in all of her glory reading a little card I wrote for her.

Friends, I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday! Drop me a comment to let me know what the haps is with you this weekend.


  1. ha, i have literally never given a 2nd thought to the shape of my head!!!

    1. Haha it rarely crosses my mind, but when it does, I have to admit that I am not ashamed of the shape of my head.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Veronica! I so prefer natural smiles in pictures to posed ones, so my photographer made sure to keep me giggling the whole time.

  3. That last cat one, though. I think that is "the one" (if there is a "one" in portraits).


  4. These are great! Your hair IS 10 kinds of amazing in that picture.

  5. I feel you, I really struggle with the frozen-smile-grimace-gurn-face in photographs - although I've never noticed it with any of the other pictures you've shared, you're extremely photogenic!

    Also yes your hair is superb.


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