Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Things Daniel and I have been up to

1. We graduated from Baylor University

Who wore it best?

2. We worked our fourth summer at Camp Lone Star

What must people who have never been to camp think of pictures like this?

3. Got married on August 19

Daniel carrying my train like a champ

4. Honeymooned in Playa Mujeres, Mexico

It was the most gluttonous time of our life.

5. Moved into our new apartment

Not stressed at all

6. Spent some valuable time on various websites

some occupied more of our time than others

7. Prayed for jobs

much like this baby

8. Watched a ton of Battlestar Galactica 

How the frak did Daniel get me into this?

9. I got a job at Anthropologie.

I get to touch beautiful things like this almost every day. 

10. Daniel started whittling 

No joke. This is not a drill. Daniel is a whittler. Here, he is carving a bear.

There. Now you are mostly caught up. Obviously I left a few things out such as hanging out with people, eating food, going to church, and...other stuff...but you get the point. So far, marriage has far exceeded my expectations. Let's keep it up. 

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