Friday, July 5, 2013

Beauty Product Endorsements/An Excuse For Selfies

Today I got a haircut which means I'm doing a lot of this:

I swear, this was me as a little girl.

Seriously, getting a good haircut is the best feeling. It's the one day a year (because that's seriously how often I get my hair cut, guys) that I get to feel in control of my life. For me, it's all about the blowout. Blowdrying my hair at home with a round brush is a lot like trying to make an omelet using only my elbows (believe me, I've done it). It's ridiculous, time-consuming, and it yields awful results. But when a stylist artist works her magic with a blowdryer, I am transformed. My hair becomes a light, fluffy, fragrant unicorn's mane, and I spend the rest of the day in a state of incomparable euphoria.


Medusa Salon in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This is where the magic happens.
So because this is technically the best I will look all year (again, I cannot achieve this look at home), I've decided that this would be the perfect time to post some grainy selfies (my front-facing iPhone camera is the worst) and talk about all of my beauty tips and tricks

Now, be warned: my tips and tricks are far and few between. They are mostly nonsensical, such as opening your mouth as wide as possible while putting on mascara (there you go, that one's for free). 

But what I do have are a bunch of great product recommendations. This is the stuff I use to achieve this look:

Fluffy, impossible hair
If nothing about the above picture interests you, no worries, but you probably should not buy any of the following products and also, you probably should not tell me because I will cry.


1. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector
How I use it: For my whole face piece
Why I love it: BB creams are seriously the best because you know you are treating your skin well while also wearing makeup. I'm not necessarily endorsing Maybelline, but rather the BB cream concept altogether. It's sunscreen, moisturizer, and flippin foundation all-in-one little tan squirt. Go getcha some.

2. Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm (Guava)

$21 - Sephora 
How I use it: On my lip parts
Why I love it: I apparently like to lick things. I'm a licker. The second I put lipgloss on, I basically just eat it. What's wrong with me? Anyway, this stuff persists through all of that, but it also doesn't stay on so hard that I wonder whether I will need a medical professional to remove it. 

3. Benefit High Beam

$26 - Sephora (I've been using a tiny sample-size all year, and I'm still going strong)
How I use it: I do little dabs of it on my cheekbones, on my browbone, on the inside corners of my eyes, and anywhere else that it feels like an angel would naturally kiss me.
Why I love it: What methadone is for heroin addicts, High Beam is for body glitter addicts. Where my inner twelve-year-old wants to put body glitter, I instead use High Beam and it makes my face look dewy, bright, and not crazy.

4. Benefit Posie Tint 

$30 - Sephora (again, I just have a mini version, but I ran out of that much quicker than my High Beam.)

How I use it: I slap some on when I'm in a hurry for both cheek and lip color.
Why I love it: It's quick, it's pink, and it makes you look rosy without making you look like you are having an allergic reaction.

5. Prestige Liquid Eyeliner

$5.99 - Ulta
How I use it: On my eyelids...
Why I love it: I don't even remember buying this little guy, but he's been my best friend for a while now. I was a hard-and-fast pencil eyeliner girl for some time, but that is smudgy business. This liquid eyeliner never seems to run out and it makes my tiny eyes look like they belong to Sailor Moon. 

So anyway, riveting stuff. Makeup is definitely not my wheelhouse, but I like to think I do okay. Here's a close-up to prove it.

And here's one last pretty selfie for good measure. For this one, I've taken off my glasses. 

If this were the movie She's All That, this is the moment Freddie Prince Jr. would have realized that I was beautiful all along.
Now go get some BB Cream and enjoy your weekend! But before you do, drop me a comment to tell me about your favorite beauty products because if there ever were two things that were meant for each other, it would be unemployment and buying expensive makeup. 


  1. I'm very impressed by this post, you're not entirely hopeless like you make yourself out to be! I also use B.B. cream, except Garnier because they got me when they started using SJP as a spokesperson... deep down I still want to be Carrie Bradshaw. High Beam and Posie Tine are my jam. To achieve my rockin cat eyeliner I use Stila "Stay All Day Liquid Liner," this pen results in a flawless application. Also Stila "One Step Bronzer" & because my skin is still as oily as a pubescent tween I use Laura Mercier "Secret Finish Mattifying Cream." I could go on but I remember the severe look of judgement when I told you how much I spend on makeup a month... I'm working on it.

    1. I think I literally blocked the memory of how much you spend on makeup as a survival instinct, but I know it was an impressive amount. And okay, bronzer? I can't figure out how to put it on properly. Like, I'm pretty sure bronzer is the secret to makeup, but I'm just scared.

  2. hahahah if only your life was She's All That! Freddie Prinz jr mmm

    1. But seriously, how good is that movie?! The one problem I have with it is that she had to TAKE OFF her glasses to be considered beautiful, which is so backwards to me.

  3. I loooooove lip stain. It's probably my favorite stuff ever although I haven't tried that brand. I'll have to give it a whirl.

    1. Right? It always looks so natural even if it's bright pink. I'm a huge fan.


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