Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Things to Look Forward To

The weekend is drawing nigh, so I'm feeling a little optimistic, but hey maybe you're not. Sometimes it helps to think about all of the wonderful things in life that are coming your way. If you're struggling with that today, let me help!

1. Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix!

You might as well put in your letter of resignation now because you're not going to have time or need for petty things like work once October rolls around. No way. You're going to be way too busy devouring EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF GILMORE GIRLS FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN NETFLIX ACCOUNT.

Man, this show, guys. It is so smart, so funny, so good, so full of cultural references and wisdom. I, like you, have every single season on DVD, but season 3 has some major scratches on it and seriously, who needs the pain of removing a DVD when you're binge-watching the greatest piece of television in history? Mark your calendars, folks. October 1st: the day Netflix will explode.

Also, #TeamJess, just saying.

2. Autumn Leaves

It may not be time to take a stroll through Central Park with your pumpkin spice whatever just yet, but it will be very soon. The leaves are still a wilted green from where I sit, but when they finally change, don't be too jaded to enjoy them. They are magic.

3. The iPhone 6 comes out or whatever

I'm not overwhelmingly excited about this, but I know it's important, and maybe it's important to you, so there you go. September 19th, getcha some new tech, SON!

4. Cat Video Festival

This is FAR more important than that last thing I mentioned. On October 5th, the Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO will be hosting the The First (and Probably Last!) Annual New York Feline Film & Video Festival for Humans! I mean, are you kidding? How are we just now organizing a festival around feline features (alliteration!)? It seems like this should have been happening biweekly ever since Grumpy Cat rose to prominence.

For non-New York dwellers, this festival is going down in other places as well (Houston, Austin, Boston to name a few), and they are also taking submissions! Your cat could be famous!

5. Get Back Up

amazing design by Tim Bauer

Oh my, would you look at that! You're not going to have too wait too long for this one, because folks, this is happening TONIGHT! If you're in or near New York, come check out this artist showcase put on to celebrate the new fall season and raise money for City Harvest. There's going to be music & storytelling as well as beer & happiness. I'm going to be telling a story, so if you've ever wondered if I'm a real person and not just a blogger robot, tonight's your chance to find out (spoiler alert: I'm a robot, but I am capable of love)!

417 W 57th Street - 8:00 PM - $10 suggested donation (again, all proceeds go to City Harvest). If you aren't blessed to be in the greatest city in the world, share this event with someone who is. Check out the event page for more details!

So these are the things I'm looking forward to. How about you?


  1. I get irrationally angry when people are #TeamDean or #TeamLogan. Dean turned into a whiny bitch by the end of it and Logan just never understood Rory the way that Jess did. Come on, people!

    1. Dean is a mess. Logan is a horrible influence. I am with you, sister!

  2. omg yes. #TeamJess My husband and I (get this) checked out the entire series from my college library a few years back. It took us 3 weeks to watch it the time we only had part time jobs and i'm pretty sure i failed a class, even though i felt as if I could get into Yale by the end of it. He'll never admit to liking it as much as me but there were times I'd have to catch up because he couldn't wait for me to get home, just sayin'. Thank god for NetFlix.

    1. No worries, my husband LOVES Gilmore Girls! He giggles the whole way through it, though he might not approve of me mentioning that.

  3. #TeamDean. Jess was such a poser. And Logan was a patronizing, preppy poser.

    Couldn't stand the plots on GG (Lorelai: I'm so independent! Mom and Dad, can I borrow some money?), but loved the dialogue. I use "Welcome to women!" weekly.

    I will be hating/loving it on Netflix. Thanks for the good news!

    1. Yeah, watching it now, I am a little stressed out by all of the needless arguing that happens! It's a little much.

  4. I thought I couldn't have a bigger friend-crush on you but then you said you loved Gilmore girls... then you said you owned the DVDs... then you said #TeamJess... Let's be besties!!


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