Monday, February 20, 2012

A Cure for the Sunday Wigglies™

Last night, in a fit of boredom, Daniel and I did something...unconventional...

More like weird. We did something really weird.

Yes, rly, Mr. Owl.

It was a Sunday night around the 8 o'clock hour, which is probably the lamest hour of the week, if you really think about it. It's Sunday, so you've been napping all day (possibly at church before that). You know you have the whole week ahead of you and you're not always completely looking forward to it, but the weekend is basically gone and you have to start facing reality. Everything is closed, so you can't go out, but you're so wired from that earlier nap that you kind of want to do something. You don't really feel like reading and Sudoku hasn't been cool for a while, so you just watch The Amazing Race (assuming it's even Amazing Race season) and take a Benadryl in hopes that it will knock you out.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, that's how I was feeling last night. I had the Sunday Wigglies, if you will.

I confessed my feelings to Daniel, a man who literally wants nothing but to make me happy (I'm not bragging. Ask him. It's crazy). Immediately, he started googling a solution.

This man wants nothing but my happiness. You just can't tell from this picture.

What he stumbled upon was pure genius. It's a website called, and its name says it all. Specifically, he found a page titled "Spontaneous Fun Things to Do Idea List". While I think we can all agree that this would be a great name for a Japanese game show, it also happened to be the cure for my Sunday Wiggles™. 

The Spontaneous Fun Things to Do Idea List gave us a lot of spontaneous, fun things to do, but not all of them were practical. Here are some ideas that didn't make the cut:
  1. Build a home for your gerbil or small pet
  2. Dress up on a Saturday and go to Open Houses and act like you have the money to buy the place. Bonus points for an expensive neighborhood.
  3. Go to disco night at your local bowling alley
  4. Get all the grandchildren to perform a skit at a family gathering

For our lifestyle, unfortunately, these options (and many others) were not viable. But hey, there is no judgement in the brainstorming process, which is exactly what this list is: the ramblings of a brainstorm.

We did finally decide on the ones we wanted to do. Here's that list:
  1. Invent a new dance
  2. Have a limbo contest
  3. Get a blanket or sheet, and go somewhere you probably won't hurt yourself if you fall. Then have your friend hold one end of the sheet and start spinning so the blanket twists around you, then get your friend to pull his end of the blanket really hard and you should spin around until you run out of the blanket
  4. Pick a fun party idea then start planning it - what will the party invitations look like? What will you have for party appetizers?
  5. Listen to classical music, lights off, lying on the floor, and take turns saying what it sounds like

Obviously, we documented this experience. Why wouldn't we? 

I've put together a short video (short, considering how much great footage we had). Obviously, we think we are awesome and we will watch this video over and over until we die. You might not make it through the first minute. That's okay.

Anyway, here it is. Note how much Daniel loves to laugh and how much I love being an idiot.


  1. I am such a fan of you guys. I'm also a fan of that maroon wall. I +1'ed this...whatever that means.

  2. Megan, WE are a fan of YOU! Thanks for the +1. I'm sure it means something. And the maroon accent wall was like that when we got here. Score!

  3. I definitely need to try this with my wife. I dunno about the dancing part though.

  4. Daniel! Great name, by the way.

    For the record, dancing is the best part. You can just follow your wife's dance moves. If you guys are anything like us, she's probably a musical genius.

  5. I look forward to getting my origami crane invitation that changes into something else. I am on team cat, by the way, and I'll be bringing nun-chucks.

    1. It might just be you and me on Team Cat and all I have is a shiv that I made out of a soup can. We'll make it work.

    2. Don't forget that I'm on team cat as well. I actually was thinking about our cat alliance a few days ago when I bought a shirt covered in cats.

    3. Excellent! How could I have forgotten you? What weapon can you provide?

    4. like, there's pictures of cats or it is made out of cats?

    5. Consider team cat 4 members strong. Not only am I a supporter of the feline species, but I am a strong advocate for their proper representation in our society. Enjoyed the video emmensely.

    6. Team Cat is getting pretty powerful. This is going to be a great party!

  6. One day, when your children watch this, they will be mortified. They will have NO idea how cool their parents were...


    1. SO true, Edub. Also, one day when future alien civilizations watch this, they will use this as the standard of marriage in 2012...and they will be right.

  7. Thank you for being hysterical! I now want to be your that weird? I'm not a stalker I promise...just someone who wandered in from Pinterest :)

  8. When you two said the classical music sounded like a cat, I literally could not hold it together and was hysterically laughing out loud. I'm also at work, so everyone thinks ive lost my mind. Thanks for making my Friday!



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