Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cheap Bridesmaid Dress Alert!

After being complimented for the zillionth time on the following dress, I decided it was too good not to share. It's nothing super fashion-forward, but for whatever reason, it really does the trick. When I discovered this pretty little thang at OLD NAVY, I thought to myself blllaaaaAAAAHHH THAT WOULD MAKE A GREAT BRIDESMAID'S DRESS.

$25 at Old Navy

Now, why was I thinking about bridesmaid's dresses? Because, for the record, once you become a bride-to-be, you never stop being one, even two years into your marriage. You are always looking at things that would look great in a wedding. That should be evident from my wedding do-overs posts.

But I was also thinking about it because I will soon be the maid of honor in the wedding of my beautiful friend, Emily!

Here we are on my wedding day. I can't wait to do something awkward to her on her special day!

She's been doing this very smart thing by including all of her bridesmaids on a wedding Pinterest board. One of the girls ended up lighting it up with a ton of gorgeous navy dresses (the colors of the wedding are navy and pink) like the following:

Nordstrom - $148

J Crew - $275

Tommy Hilfiger - Macy's - $109.99

I think we can all agree these would look awesome in any wedding, and they are dresses we would all wear again in real life (unlike the ones I picked for my wedding...sorry, Emily).

But then when I was browsing my way around Old Navy, I found that TWENTY-FIVE DOLLAR gem pictured up at the top of this post. I had a mini seizure and started texting Emily frantically. I ended up reserving, like, every size and buying one for myself. Emily was into it, and I felt like a hero. After a discussion with her mom, they ended up going with another dress (a really affordable, gorgeous number from Piperlime), but regardless, it still felt like a victory.

This is me the day I found the dress at Old Navy:


This is me when I went home and dressed it up a little bit:


It's 100% cotton (crazy comfortable), and in case you can't tell from the picture it has a scalloped hemline and what calls "sheer eyelet details across the front" (whatever, I would have called them fabricy cut-outy things with a solid lining).

Oh, and did I mention it comes in a bunch of COLORS?

Anyway, if you are a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, or just a girl looking for a cheap dress, head to Old Navy TODAY. This dress is on sale, and some of the other colors are as cheap as $20 (can you seriously imagine if your bridesmaid's dress was actually $20?). 

Does anyone else have any cheap bridesmaid dress options? Life is expensive, so don't keep this good news to yourself!


  1. AAAH! Genius! And it comes in my wedding colors :) The girls will be excited. Thanks!!

    1. Glad to help! There was no way I couldn't share something this good. Congrats!

  2. Love it! A few weeks ago, I found the white eyelet dress on sale at my Old Navy for $11.49! It was perfect for my bridal shower and so comfy.

    Thanks for sharing Christy, I adore your blog!

    1. Literally the day after I wrote this post, I went to Old Navy to find that the pink dress was $5!! Gotta love Old Navy. Glad you found some joy in this dress as well, Jess!

  3. Is this weird? could you link to Emily's pinboard for her wedding? I'm not "really" planning one, but I think I'd like mine to be navy and pink!

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