Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Cryptic Post About Upcoming Changes

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching, meditating, and fierce doodling on the purpose of Avoiding Atrophy.

An example of one of my nonsensical, frightening brainstorm-doodles. 
While absolutely nothing in the above picture has anything to do with the vision of this blog, rest assured that I have actually had some sane thoughts about what the next steps are.

One of the things that has really hit home in my brainstorming is the idea of using this platform to engage two kinds of people (who actually happen to be the same person): The Stumbling Realist and the Sophisticated Idealist. That's you, right? You are both of those people. You have been Jekyll and Hyde-ing your way through this whole mess of life. One day you've got almost everything so figured out that you actually manage to floss and sleep for seven hours. The next day you have some inexplicable ailment like Cat Scratch Fever and you just want to watch The Babysitter's Club on Netflix for the rest of the day.

If that's you, Avoiding Atrophy is here to let you know that it is okay to be both of those things: real and aspirational. There's a part of you that needs to be happy about living in the realistic camp before you can experience the benefits of the aspirational one. I think the best and most interesting people go hard for both.

(And if none of this is sounding familiar to you, feel free to go read some other blog where perfect people hang out and talk about quinoa and engaging your core or whatever. I will not be joining you.)

Anyway, here's just a taste of what's to come. This is how I'm planning right now to restructure my tabs along with some weekly features that will go with it. See if you can decipher any of this nonsense!

Another thing that matters a lot to me is hearing what YOU, THE READER, would like to see happen on Avoiding Atrophy. After all, the plan is for all of us to avoid atrophy together. You should get a say in the matter of how we do it.

What are some things you would like to see more of on this blog? How can I reach you on the realistic-aspirational spectrum? How many pictures of baby animals can I post per week? Is 12 too many or too few? Comment on this post or shoot me an email, and I'll happily give it some thought in my next doodling session. 

Also, if you're not following yet, I'd love for you to get on that for two reasons: 1) I do a special jig every time I get a new follower, and 2) New followers makes creating community experiences far more possible. Avoiding Atrophy is a discussion, not a lecture, so get in on this! You can click "Join This Site" in the sidebar of this page if you haven't already done so.


  1. I just started following today! I am hoping you get more than 100 followers. So close...

    Does this mean that you will have a drop down menu? How exciting! What do each of the tabs mean? I am specifically interested in "Get Your Shit Together".

    OK, here are some posts that I, as a reader, am interested in seeing from you:
    -Posts about working in the entertainment industry (I think these would be fascinating.Maybe even a series...)
    -More fashion posts (I miss these now that you and Kaley have abandoned the fashion blog)
    -Posts about you discovering your interests/potential career
    -Books you're reading
    -Movies you're interested in
    -A detailed list of all your contact information (just kidding on that last one).

    Looking forward to seeing all of the above!

    1. Oooo! These are all really great suggestions, some of which I've also been tossing back and forth in my mind. You will definitely see some of this stuff very soon.

      I WISH I meant that I would be getting a drop down menu, but Blogger makes it really difficult to do that. If you can figure that out for me, I'll be your maid of honor.

      Also, I'll go into more detail on all of these, but "Get Your Shit Together" is my current title for lifestyle posts about exercise, eating well, and organizing your life. It's the things that just by doing them make us feel more put-together and less like our life is a freight train off its tracks headed for a kids' party.

    2. I'm exciting to read get your shit together!

      And get ready to become my maid of honor, because this link may help you out with your drop-down problem: http://allshecooks.com/2012/10/12/how-to-create-a-drop-down-menu-in-blogger-2/

      Let me know if it works/if you can figure it out. I'm planning on creating one but haven't event had the time to read the post yet, so it may just be fool's gold.

  2. I think that sounds like a great plan! Also it's like you know me....I will not confirm nor deny if I spent a large majority of my day watching Babysitters club on netflix.............. :)

    1. I'm worse because I keep watching the same Parks and Rec episodes that I've seen well over fifteen times. Glad to be able to relate!

    2. Ok, your reply is really funny because when I read "How many pictures of baby animals can I post per week? Is 12 too many or too few?" I immediately thought, "That totally sounds like something Amy Poehler would say on Parks and Rec."

      And I'm an expert on this, because I watch an absolutely unnecessary amount of Parks and Rec every day on Netflix.

    3. You and me both, girl! Thanks for this. I'm very proud to be compared to Leslie Knope.

  3. I think your readers would benefit greatly from videographic evidence of said jig.

    1. I literally laughed out loud upon reading this! You might have a point there, Ashley...

  4. Great post! I've been checking out your blog for a month now (there's no way to make that sound not creepy), and I think it's lovely. I also relate to your desire to define/re-define the purpose of your blog: I've had mine for two or three years now, and I'm constantly trying to find ways to freshen it up. Good luck!


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