Monday, September 16, 2013

8 Autumn Things and A Happy Weekend

This was one of those weekends where I decided to just set myself up for happiness*. You go, self!

I wanted to embrace the fact that it really is starting to feel like Fall, and boy, did I commit. In the past two days, I consumed/created/surrounded myself with all of the following Fall things:

  1. Apple Cider

    Martinelli's...what, did you think I was going to make my own cider?

  2. Hard Apple Cider

    ...because the Martinelli's ran out. (Via)

  3. Pumpkin Ale 

    Judging yet? (Via)
  4. Pumpkin Scones

    I made these from this Starbucks imitation recipe by Sweet Pea's Kitchen. SO. GOOD. WOW. EAT THESE.

  5. A DELICIOUS Fall Candle 

    I didn't eat this candle from Bath and Body Works, but I wanted to.

  6. A Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Because Starbucks literally controls what season it is.

  7. New boots

    Frasier likes them.

  8. A sweater with elbow patches

    Hello, Professor.

I also made sure to enjoy the weather while at the Flatbush Frolic, an annual street fair held in my neighborhood. Man, I love Brooklyn.

It was here that I ate an arepa and made this face about it:

A mix of fear and joy. I couldn't even handle how good that arepa was.

You're reading this now wondering, good lord...certainly she capped it there. The arepa has got to be where she put her weekend to rest.

But you would be mistaken, friend.

I also bought these whimsical wall hooks for $8 at Marshall's!

And I actually set them up (or, possibly, my husband did) instead of keeping them in a bag behind my door!

I finished it all off with a warm and joyful worship service at Our Saviour New York, the first of its kind in Manhattan. Looking forward to so many more of these.

Folks filing in to OSNY-Manhattan's first ever worship service.

Oh, also, this happened:

Anyway, enough bragging about my weekend, but needless to say, I already miss it. 

*By the way, guys, please take posts like these with a grain of salt. I know that when I look at someone's Facebook posts or Instagrams where they're smiling and laughing with a glass of apple cider in hand, I am inclined to start making comparisons between my crappy non-cider-filled day and theirs. Do you do that too? It's a dangerous game. 

So let's not play that here. Yes, I had a good weekend, but I also have a pile of unfolded laundry that has been sitting there since Wednesday and all of my usual insecurities, neuroses, an ongoing mucus buildup in my nasal passages, and a general sense of uncertainty about my future. I'm just choosing not to focus on that stuff now.

SOOOOOO how was your weekend? What did you eat? Did you do anything Fall-ish? 


  1. I have not eaten anything fall-ish because it still feels like we're in the middle of summer in texas hah. I loooove those wall hooks! Lovely :)

    1. Ah, Texas! Of course! I remember those days when I would force a pumpkin spice latte down my throat while it was still 95 degrees outside. That is one thing I do not miss about my beloved home state.

  2. is it? is it really fall??? i'm not sure yet. your wearing of boots is slightly enough to convince me, so i'm wearing some of my own today. they're only ankle boots though, enough to communicate my weariness of accepting the fact that it's actually fall.

    1. Ankle boots are the gateway to more intense Fall accessories. I'm not totally sure if it's actually fall, but I'm willing it into existence. It also depends on where you live though.

  3. I always find it really funny when people in the US start talking about cider - particularly on TV when people talk about giving it to kids - because we don't really have non-alcoholic cider over here. It is pretty much all alcoholic, and the cheaper brands of it are tragically associated with homeless people who get drunk in parks and cause fights.

    The weather here has cut really abruptly from pleasantly hot still late-summer to really quite cold autumnal weather, and my office is not equipped for cold weather. I'm wearing thick woolly tights, a jumper dress and two pretty heavy cardigans and I'm just feeling comfortable (although my feet are kinda cold).

    I need to get some good autumnal boots though. Both pairs of knee-boots I own have pretty gargantuan heels, which make them somewhat impractical for daily use.

    1. Haha! You are always teaching me new things. I love that when you read that I've been drinking cider, you picture me slumped over in a park. So good to know for when I'm talking to my international friends.

      And get yourself some sturdy boots! They make every sidewalk feel like a runway.

    2. Well, not ALL Cider - only the really cheap stuff, usually named "White Something". White Ace. White Lightning. ( I'm personally a fan of some of the ones that are coming out over here that are flavoured with red berries, and are yummy!

      But yeah, every time I watch something Christmassy from the US with kids in, and someone suggests giving them cider it always takes me a minute to realise that you guys have non-alcoholic cider.

  4. Drew saw your blog and said, "We need some fall candles." So that is my mission this week, thanks!

  5. I LOVE your blog!I was wondering if you could mind a fall playlist of what your listening to right now? Music inspiration!

    1. That's a great idea, Katie! I think I might make a whole separate post about it. Keep em coming!

  6. I did my favorite fall thing this past weekend - I slept with my windows open. You know, you wake up, the breeze is coming in and it's so chilly and you are all snuggled up warm under the covers... the best! But in the spirit of full disclosure... I also woke up to find out that it had secretly rained overnight and the phone I always keep on my nightstand had been sitting in a puddle of rainwater for hours and, 4 days and a bowl of rice later, still doesn't work. :)

  7. I have three Bath & Body Words fall candles and they make me SO happy! I'm in Florida, so most days are still in the upper-80/low-90s temperature wise, but I'm trying to convince myself it's fall as well. Halloween decorations, fall-scented candles, pumpkin snicker doodles ( - Yumm!), and scarves despite the heat.

    Happy fall!


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