Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm on Hello Giggles, Guys!

Hey, loyal-and-beautiful-reader-of-my-blog, guess what?!

Oh, did the post title already give it away? Well, whatever. 

I've got an article up on today! It's one I wrote last year about getting married at the age of twenty-two. Due to my constant romantic declarations, many of you already know that I have been married for two years now to a handsome Disney prince of a man, and we are seriously having a blast. This article focuses on some of our experiences in the first year of marriage as well as the cultural response to "young" marriage.

Please feel free to read through the post (Progressively Married at Twenty-Two) and join the conversation because it's already getting pretty interesting in the comments-section! 

Thanks to the folks at Hello Giggles and thanks to all of you for just always being divine! 

Oh, and if you're visiting my blog from that article, well, hey there! Feel free to stick around.


  1. Hi Christy! I found your blog through the link on your article on hello giggles. Your blog has kept me entertained for ages. You writing has made me snort coffee out of my nose more than a few times today (a lovely image for you!)
    Tania x

    1. A lovely image indeed, Tania! Thanks for this. It totally made my day!


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