Friday, January 3, 2014

Hercules in Ditmas Park

It's the year 2014, and we may not have hovercrafts yet, but we do have color-changing nail polish!

I peeled most of it off, but you get the point.

I mean, it's a pretty wonderful world we live in, guys. For example, last night's epic snow storm, Hercules, created a three day weekend for my husband and I today. School was canceled (he's a teacher), so we watched two full episodes of My Cat From Hell, ate fantastic leftovers, and I took a brisk walk through the neighborhood. I was not bred for such weather conditions, not one bit, but I cannot deny that this town looks straight-up like a Christmas card right now.

You're about to see some pictures from my walk today. What you're not about to see is the Flatiron Building covered in fresh, white powder or the Statue of Liberty holding up an icicle. Hell no. If you want pictures like that, you may want to read the blog of a richer woman because I don't live near any of that stuff. My Brooklyn neighborhood is still breathtakingly beautiful. Here in Ditmas Park, colorful, victorian houses and pre-war apartments stand together on tree-lined streets. When it snows, good samaritans shovel the sidewalks of their neighbors, and everything kind of feels familiar even if you grew up as far away as San Antonio, Texas. It's a wonderful, often completely overlooked area of New York City. Here she is:

So that's a couple of snowy blocks in my neighborhood. Pretty great, right? For sticking with me through all of those pictures, here's a bonus shot of Frasier enjoying his snow-filled day. 

This picture was taken a few moments after he intimidated an ally cat through the window. He has no idea how good he has it.

How did you enjoy the snow today (or lack of snow, depending on where you live)?


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I've been meaning to let you know that my wonderful handmade ornaments were fantastic! They were lovingly packed away for next year yesterday. It's definitely a tie between the astronaut gingerbread man and the golden dinosaur for my favorite. Did you guys give the tamales a whirl? How'd they turn out?

  2. PS - it is -17 (NEGATIVE!) degrees in good old Illinois today. What I wouldn't give for no more snow and warmer weather. Heck, I would take anything about zero today!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the ornaments! We had seriously so much fun making them. Tamales have yet to happen since we got way busy making DIY gifts around the holidays, but you know what, tamales in January sound just as delicious! I'll keep you posted.

      And holy cow, girl, STAY INSIDE. Negative temperatures make no sense to me.


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