Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blooming Things + The Married Writer

There are a lot of things about living in New York City that are a far cry from magical -- the garbage water that sits in still pools on the subway tracks, the cash-only restaurants without conveniently-located ATMs, the guy on the corner who says your butt in those jeans looks like two Christmas hams. It's not exactly a fantasy world, I realize this.

Still, there are a few things in this town that just never cease to dazzle me. One of those is the impressive display of blossoms that show up around this time of year. These flowers are positively everywhere, even in the trees. Flowers in TREES?! I mean, whoever heard of such a thing?! Certainly not this little lady from Texas, that's for sure. When I first saw New York's flowers last spring, I was in absolute awe, and after that horrible winter we just had, I could not be happier to see them again this year. I've been taking pictures like a madwoman, and here are a few of my favorites:

By the way, thanks to Ditmas Park Corner for sharing my picture with the rest of the neighborhood!

Like all good things in this world, these blooms will be gone before you know it, so get out there and experience them for yourself. And if you're from, say, Texas and you don't live around these flowers, go eat a breakfast taco or something BECAUSE YOU CAN!

Today I'm excited to introduce you to Rebecca Chapman who writes over at the blog "The Married Writer"!

As you can see by her preferred accessory in the above photo, Rebecca is a musician and singer/songwriter, living a fabulous life in Nashville, TN. You can check out some of her tunes over on the music tab of her page or you can even watch her do her thing on her Youtube channel

As her blog's title implies, she's newly married and absolutely loving it (girl, get it!). She describes herself as "a rehabilitated break-up song junkie no longer finding writing inspiration from relationship drama". In her recent post titled "32 Things That Make Me Happy", she sights her husband as #1 and at #2 she listed her "furry children" and followed it with this AMAZING picture:

Her dog, Penguin...dressed as a penguin...It's a miracle.
For a quick glimpse into Rebecca's life, check out her post, "13 Numbers That Shaped My 2013". There you can see what our friend was up to in the midst of what seems like a pretty stinking eventful 365 days (a wedding and major surgery within the same year? Yeah, this girl was a bit busy.)

So do yourself a favor and head on over to right now, read all of the funny things her hubs has to say, and say hi now before she gets super famous!


  1. I'm from Texas and I wish we had pretty flowers like those! Bluebonnets are nice, but tulips are GORGEOUS.

    1. Oh man, but I could use some bluebonnets right about now. My hubs brought me some bluebonnet seeds when he went back to Texas to visit family, and I'm tempted to throw them around my local park even though I'm sure that's probably illegal.


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