Monday, April 7, 2014

How To Get It Right This Spring

A while back, I wrote a post about my belief that winter would never end. I mean, the season had gotten so enduringly painful that it started to seem plausible that bitter cold was the new weather standard. I'm happy to report that my hypothesis was wrong. Spring has indeed sprung, and you can tell because every single a-frame chalkboard sign on the sidewalk declares that sweet truth as gospel.

Even as I write this now, I can hear in the distance the familiar yet forgotten sounds of the ice cream truck. At this very moment, kids are loading up on popsicles shaped like Spiderman and Spongebob Squarepants while wearing LIGHT JACKETS. I mean, this shit is really happening, guys. Let all the children rejoice!

Anyway, so now that it is safe to go outside without fear of frostbite or depression, I've been hitting spring HARD. And why wouldn't I? I earned this.

Since I'm diving into this season headfirst, allow me to drag you in with me. Here are my tips for getting Spring 2014 RIGHT:

1. Clean like you have never cleaned before

This is the checklist I made for our Spring Cleaning Extravaganza last weekend, and it's super badass (as is evidenced by the dinosaurs). We went room-to-room, closet-to-closet making miracles like this happen:

Try not to judge us too harshly...

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. This apartment is so clean, I would confidently eat a four-course meal off of the floor. That's how good I'm feeling about this place right about now.

It's the most intense spring cleaning I've ever taken part in. If you want to have similar success this season, here's what you'll need:

1. Cleaning supplies or whatever
2. The Britney Spears Pandora station (trust me on this one. It will not fail you.)
3. An outfit that is functional and simultaneously adorable (I chose cutoffs, a baseball tee, and I used a square scarf as a headband because I'm basically Rosie the Riveter)

"Oh, THIS old thing?"

4. A desire to WIN
5. A super detailed list of every tiny thing that could possibly be done in your home. ("soak stovetop burners" WHAT?!)
6. Alcohol, and plenty of it. Not for cleaning. For drinking. And it should probably be bubbly.

2. Plan/Attend a clothing swap

A big part of spring cleaning is getting rid of all of the unnecessary junk that is closing in on you in your home. But just because something acts as junk in your life doesn't mean that it won't have some value in the life of someone else. That's why this weekend I took part in a clothing swap (or as I affectionally call it, a "Naked Lady Party"). A Naked Lady Party is exactly what it sounds like...only wait, maybe it's not. It's where ladies gather together and try on each other's unwanted clothes, and in the process they discover that, yes, INDEED that dress can actually work for someone! Hooray! You keep the clothes you love, everyone affirms you and tells you how good your butt looks in that skirt, and you donate the rest.

So you want to throw a NLP? Here's what you'll need:

1. Ladies. 
2. All of your crazy clothes that you never wear.
3. A disregard for whether people actually want your items (I mean, you don't want them anymore, so why should they?)
4. Unbelievable potluck brunch items

These are kolaches from Brooklyn Kolache Co. This establishment is my saving grace in this dark, largely kolache-less town.
5. Large trash bags
6. A plan to haul all of the remaining clothing to Goodwill or Salvation Army
7. A story about the estranged relative who bought you that ridiculous sweater

3. Start a new exercise program 

I guess this is as good a time as any to mention that I am training for my first half marathon! I posted this on Facebook last week, thinking nothing of it, and I got a really positive response from so many wonderful people. I guess it's actually kind of a big deal.

Spring is an awesome time to start setting fitness goals. You know when is a TERRIBLE time to start setting fitness goals? New Years Day! Good Lord! It's cold, and it will only get colder. No way are you walking to the gym in a foot of snow.

But in the spring, the sun is shining, but there is still that nip in the air that encourages you to keep moving. You can sign up for a half marathon in June right before it gets miserably hot in July. It's kind of perfect. And hopefully by the time January 1, 2015 rolls around, your workout game is on point. 

Oh, and if it's not a half marathon for you, that is obviously okay. Just move. Zumba your way through the park for all I care. Which reminds me...


The biggest advantage New York has over Texas? FLOWERS ON TREES! ALL OVER THE PLACE! MIRACLE MIRACLE MIRACLE!

The beautiful picture above was taken in my beloved Prospect Park, one of the best things about living in my neighborhood of Ditmas Park. In any season, it is a gem, but in the spring, it is seriously something to behold.

If you're not in Brooklyn though, just get to your nearest park and spend some time inhaling that fresh park air. Read a book on a bench, go for a hike, jump in a puddle. I mean, parks are one of my favorite things about being a person. If they're not your thing, then I don't really know what to do with you.

5. Make literally everything spring-themed

Clinton melting hearts at Spring Forth

Got lunch plans with a friend but can't decide on a restaurant? Make it a picnic in the park! (remember how much I love the park?)
Racking your brain for a gift for the Mrs? Tulips, man! The woman wants some tulips. 
Can't decide what to wear today? Wear the sun dress, girl (preferably the one you got from the Naked Lady Party). 

When the weather is above 50 degrees, it's perfectly appropriate to celebrate spring in its fullest, most exuberant sense. That's why I took part in Spring Forth: an artists' showcase put on by OSNY to celebrate "a change of seasons". What did that mean exactly? Honestly, it was just an excuse to have a blast, listen to some sweet tunes from some fantastic musicians (like my friend Clinton up there), and raise money for a good cause (City Harvest, check 'em out). 

Spring is all about new beginnings. I mean, hello, this is the time of year where the world celebrates someone's resurrection from death. It's okay to not be jaded for just these few months. See the world with rose-colored glasses (especially the roses. See those with rose-colored glasses, if you get the chance) and allow yourself to thaw out and experience the beauty of your city. Especially you, New Yorkers. We live in a truly wonderful place.

Obviously this list didn't cover everything there is to do this spring, but as long as you do even one of these things, you're doing it right. That's what I think, anyway. What are you spring musts?


  1. Ooh, ooh! I've been wanting to try a clothing swap, and you made it sound so fun. But I'm a little worried that it won't work since my friends are completely different sizes. Clothing/jewelry swap, maybe? Or some adaptation.

    Also, love your color run pic! I did the color run in Philly a couple years back and mine all combined to paint me an unlovely gray/brown. :P

    Jenn | Business, Life, & Design

    1. it works so well!
      we were ALL different sizes, and I was telling Christy, that the label on the clothes really doesn't mean anything. My lovely friend Alex is smaller than I, and I went home with several of her pieces!! Shape is relative, and so are how things fit.
      Do it, you will be surprised!
      We also included shoes, belts, and accessories in our swap. :)
      Important to keep in mind that it's stuff you don't want anyway, and if it doesn't fit someone else/no one wants it, NBD, you didn't either.

      hope you guys do one (and share it with us)!

    2. Thanks for the encouragement! This reminds me of what my sister always says when she's trying on smalls, "Size is an illusion..." Lol! And adding accessories is a good idea to make sure there's something for everyone.

  2. Love this post Spring is my fave! Good luck on the marathon :D

  3. I love this post. So many great things to look forward to. I'm also quite jealous of your mad cleaning skillz.

  4. You should post your workout routine and playlist! Love the post!!

  5. I love everything about this. Naked lady party that includes brunch sounds like perfection. We are heading to the New York Botanical Gardens this weekend for the Orchid show, plus we just bought tickets to our first Yankees game. SO excited that it's nice outside!! And the dinosaurs make everything super bad ass.

  6. I will be super-blitzing the house next week, in preparation for my future mother in law coming to stay! We've done a pretty good job of keeping things neat and tidy and respectable, but over the winter little bits have built up that just need deep clean blitzing. I get Thursday and Friday off before Easter, so that's my job for then!

  7. Yep, you are totally rocking spring. And, we're on the same wavelength with intense spring cleaning. It's such a great feeling to deep clean your space!

  8. Wow that is some kind of Spring Cleaning list!! Tulips are my favorite flower...I always prefer them over getting roses :)


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