Monday, January 5, 2015

30 Awesome Cat Names

The Notes app on my iPhone is an organized person's nightmare. I've got roughly 250 pages filled with grocery lists, jokes, ideas, songs, random phone numbers, dreams, to-do lists, weird things that I've overheard people saying, airport check-in codes, and a whole series of ultimately inscrutable phrases that I know I should just delete (but meh, I've got plenty of space on my phone, right?).

One note that I've actually managed to keep up with is one titled "Awesome Cat Names." I probably started it whenever I was looking for a name for my current cat, but like some kind of strange compulsion, I've continued to add to it over time (by the way, the aforementioned cat is now named Frasier because, well, I'm really gifted at picking names for cats). I'm not even sure why I continue to curate this list since I'm not in the market for a new animal friend. Regardless, it'd be a shame to let this gem go to waste, so I thought I would share it here. If you've got a nameless feline, here are some timeless, bad ass things to call him/her:

1. Catastrophe
2. Hamster
3. Breakfast
4. Mother of Dragons
5. Father Time
6. Gristle
7. Lil Dipper

Via Daily Picks and Flicks

8. Iguana
9. Great Expectations
10. Gremlin
11. Alan Thicke
12. Quasimodo
13. Ghost (of Christmas Past)
14. Merlin ('s beard)
15. Betch
16. Karate Kid
17. Boo Radley

Via The Feminist Feline

18. Nessie
19. Snack Pack
20. Second Best Friend
21. Growth Spurt
22. Garbage
23. Winona Ryder

Via Pet Adviser

24. Babe
25. Mr. Feeny*
26. Orson
27. Pig
28. Skinny Margarita
29. Gemstone
30. Mezzanine

*As a child, I had a cat who went by this name and he got eaten by a coyote, so take that into consideration before you make your decision :(

Anyway, do with this list what you will, but I figured it would be a crime not to share it.

Do you have any cat names you'd like to add? 
Leave some in the comments so that I can have a giggle!

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  1. i am forever entertained by this blog. Cat love forever.

  2. Cats are awesome. XD I'm stealing this one from some Tumblr post or something, but my favorite cat name ever is Pasta Batman. That's all I'm saying.

  3. My cats name is Agent Starling. I chose it so I could come home and say... Hello, Clarice. She's fat and furry and kind of cock eyed. I love her!!

  4. Catastrophe - why have I never thought of this?! Boo Radley would be perfect for the type of cat that hides from guests, and Skinny Margarita would be hilarious to say. "Skinny Margarita, is it really that hard to keep it in the litter box???"

  5. For some reason I thought I saw "pizza" on that list. Therefore, I say DiGiorno should be a cat name.

  6. Hilarious list! I love Breakfast and Mother of Dragons hahaha I aspire to one day name of my cats Chairman Meow :)

  7. Don't tell me. Your Dad must have named Mr. Feeney. I once had a cat named Lucy so I could open the door and say "Lucy, I'm home!". She was always there waiting on me.

  8. I've had many cats over the years (I grew up on 40 acres in the glorious countryside of southeastern Oklahoma) and my favorite cat names were Oliver, Dink (no idea where that came from), Stanley, Ozzie, Gizmo (the cat looked like a gremlin), and Ms Kitty (so original). My current cat's name is Coco, because I adore Coco Chanel and always wanted to name a cat after her. It was fate when I found my chocolate brown cat at the shelter and realized they'd already named her Coco!

  9. I have always wanted to name a cat Banana Fuzz.

    And my current cats are named Luna and George, but I feel as if George should have been named Catastrophe because he makes my life a catastrophe

  10. Mr, Feeney! Did you ever use the Feeney Call?
    Anyway, my fiancé is determined that our next cat be named Whiskers McChesterton.

  11. This is quite possibly one of the best posts on the internet.

    I've also always liked Sourpuss and Professor Meowington (so distinguished!) and Cheryl. Isn't that a fabulous name for a cat?

    xx Kathryn


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