Friday, February 6, 2015

Slightly Irreverent Valentine's Day Cards {Free Printables}

Something you should know about me: my love language is Words of Affirmation. I'm a sucker for handwritten notes, out-of-the-blue I-love-yous, and impassioned declarations of friendship. I dish it, I take it. I'm all about letting people know that they are adored. 

Another thing you should probably know about me is that I am chronically twelve-years-old. I love to make jokes about butts and, as my husband often says of me, I've never met a fart sound I did not like. This is the sad, yet wonderful truth about me. Take it or leave it.

That being said, I've decided to combine these two qualities -- my zest for affirmation and my love of irreverent humor -- by creating some affirming, yet not-so-cheesy Valentine's Day cards! If you are looking for just the right thing to say to someone you love, I'm pretty sure I've got you covered with at least one of these. 

A few things to note about these cards: 

-All of these cards were handwritten by me and then dressed up in Photoshop. Technically, you could tell the recipient that these are handwritten notes, and you wouldn't be lying, so that's cool.
-Below each image, you can click the link to get the printable version. They are sized to print as cards (not giant wall posters). 
-Feel free to save them to your phone and just text them instead. That's what I'll be doing on February 14th.
-Cards 1 & 2 can pretty much be given to any loved one. 
-Cards 3 & 4 are intended for someone with whom you are romantically involved. 
-Card 5 is for anyone, friend or lover, who you think has a nice butt.

Here you go!

Hope these cards help you share some sweet, sweet love this Valentine's Day! 

Speaking of sharing love, 
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  1. These are perfect. I want to use the cat one, even though we already have a cat. :p

  2. The cat one is amazing because I am constantly trying to convince my husband to get a cat. Can't wait to show him that one on V day. Thanks for posting these!

  3. So funny! I like your sense of humor. Neptune!

  4. i love these! Of course I'm way late but that didn't stop me from saving them! Also... "or just save them to your phone and text them" you get me.
    Also I pinned them so hopefully some other people see them and save em for next year!


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