Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Announcing #CreateOScope: A Week Of Periscope Chats With Yours Truly

Looking for some creative motivation? From Oct. 22-27, Christy from will be live on #Periscope with a series called #CreateOScope all about creativity and joy. Click through for details on the schedule!

Here's how things usually work around here: you read this blog, and in doing so, you get these little peeks into my life (or, more accurately, my psyche). Sometimes we talk about silly things like how many pickles I stress-eat while writing (answer: roughly fifteen, on a good day). Other times, we dig into more important topics like how to feel good about yourself even when the world knocks you down and steps all over your pretty, little face. 

Either way, the basic idea is simple: I write words on a page, you read 'em, and sometimes you even provide sweet commentary. It's nice. We've got a good thing going here. 

But this week, we're going to add another layer to this relationship. For the next seven days, you will not only be able to read words written on this here blog, but you'll be able to see the shining face and hear the expectedly baritone voice of the weirdo who writes them. That weirdo is me. 

I'm going to be hopping on Periscope this week for the first time EVER to bring you live-streamed mini-lessons all about creativity and joy interspersed with some peeks into my daily life. I'm calling it #CreateOScope because #christytalksaboutcreativityandlifeandtellsyouallofherdeepestdarkestsecrets was too long.

I've been wanting to explore this platform for a while now, and I figured committing to seven days straight would be a great way to get started. As far as I'm concerned, it's just one more place to connect with the sexy people who read this blog. So sexy people, here's what you can expect in the week ahead:

THURSDAY, October 22 - 8 PM ET 

How to write "morning pages" 
(and why you really really really really should)

Let's start this week off with something hella useful! I first read about "morning pages" in a book by Julia Cameron called The Artist's Way, and it has been one of my biggest creativity game-changers. Morning pages are basically a way of journaling and processing life that will revolutionize the way you approach your creative work. And I'm not someone who throws around the word "revolutionize" so you know this is a BIG deal. If you're struggling to feel inspired or you're losing confidence in your ability to create anything worthwhile, show up for this one and dialogue with me about how to rise from the ashes of a creative block like a goddamn phoenix. 

FRIDAY, October 23 - 12 PM ET

A tour of mi casa: the good, the bad, and the good-god-what-were-the-previous-tenants-thinking?!?!

I've made some recent changes to the landscape in my Brooklyn apartment, and I've also neglected making some changes, but whatever, I'm inviting you over anyway! During this time, I'm going to walk you around my space, talk about what I'm working on, what I will be working on, and if you're lucky, I may even give my cat, Frasier, some airtime. I'll also be focusing a lot on my home office and my thought process behind developing a workspace that's right for you. 

SATURDAY, October 24 - 6 PM ET 

A mystery surprizzzeee

Do I really have a surprise in store or am I just saying I do because I'd like to leave this day open-ended for now? You'll just have to wait and see! 

SUNDAY, October 24 - 12 PM ET 

Q&A Day!

Go ahead! Ask me anything (within reason, ya creeps)! Specifically, I'd love to hear your questions about creative life, but I'm an open book, so whateva. 

MONDAY, October 25 - 12 PM ET

A New York City Field Trip

Hey, I live in the most inspiring city in the world (sorry Des Moines, but you know it's true)! Come on an adventure with me to a fun surprise NYC hotspot. I promise it won't be the food court at Penn Station.

TUESDAY, October 26 - 12 PM ET

How "false starts" are crippling your creative progress (and how to move past them)

Do you ever find yourself saying things like, "Tomorrow is the day that I will finally..." but then tomorrow comes, and instead you decide to delay everything just one more day? This is what I like to call a "false start" and when you build up enough of these, it can be downright debilitating when it comes to actually making progress on your goals. False starts chip away at your confidence, making tough actions all the more difficult and keeping you from the awesomeness to which you aspire. In this chat, we're going to talk about how to cut false starts out of your life completely and how to replace them with really cool actions instead. 

WEDNESDAY, October 27 - 8 PM ET

Announcements! Big ones! Really!

After a week of creeping on my life and working together towards becoming better creative people, this week of Periscope is going to conclude with some exciting news! I'm working on some brand new projects that, trust me, you are going to want to know about. And if that doesn't entice you, just know that I will also be getting SUPER real in this chat. Like, I might even cry. 

If you want to follow along with me this week, you can do so by following me on Periscope (just search for @christyoshoney) or, of course, you can also follow me on Twitter. Even if you don't have a Periscope account, you can still watch the broadcasts, but if you want to interact in real-time and give me a bunch of hearts (and, oh my gosh, of course you do!), then go ahead and download Periscope on your mobile device. The first one will get going tomorrow night at 8 PM (ET).

For links to the replays and updates about this upcoming schedule, be sure to subscribe below (guys, I have an email list now! Join it!). I'll be sending out daily reminders and giving you access to the previous day's chat. Also, as you share these scopes with your followers, be sure to use the hashtag #CreateOScope. And in fact, I've already crafted a little tweet you can send out to your followers right now!

Lastly, remember: these will be live-streamed videos, which means you won't be getting the manicured, meticulously edited version of me that you often find in my writing. Instead you'll get the gritty, sometimes sweaty, real-deal version of me who never uses words like "meticulously" and who will indeed panic openly if there is any sort of technical glitch. It's going to be a blast.

Have you been using Periscope? What's your experience been like?


  1. I'm enjoying your CreateOScopes, and I did my homework like a good student yesterday and today, and wrote Morning Pages. I will do this through November and decide whether or not they're for me, but so far, I like it. Your Scopes are great--I'm thinking about starting to Scope myself, but haven't done so yet.

    1. Jan, thank you so much for watching my scopes this week! I'd love to know how the morning pages are coming along. Any brilliant revelations yet? :)


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