Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Best Day Ever: Free BBQ from Morgan's in Park Slope

I recently had a most-glorious dream!

Feel free to use this sound effect to put you in a dreamy place.

In it, I was having one of those classic New York bad days where everything just feels unnecessarily hard and slightly gross. I was walking down Flatbush Avenue with my home state, Texas, on my mind when suddenly I came upon the unmistakable scent of brisket. In the distance appeared a warm, familiar neon sign that read "Shiner." As I came closer, I realized that what had recently been an empty storefront in Park Slope was now a fully-operational Texas barbecue restaurant. 90s country music rang out over a happy room where a rocking chair, fitted with a Texas longhorn flag, sat in the corner.

Merely beholding this site was enough to lift my spirits, but I was soon invited in by the restaurant's owner to sit down and partake in massive portions of pork, chicken, brisket, potato salad, collard greens, and cole slaw -- all FREE. OF. CHARGE. I ate feverishly and drank glass after glass of sweet tea. As I left, I thanked the staff profusely, and I wondered if God had put that restaurant there just for me.

And then I saw the Loch Ness monster.

But, guys, get this...

...I wasn't dreaming.

Feel free to use this sound effect to feel the weight of surprise.


Every single one of those things happened to me.

On our way to the subway on a really crappy Friday, Daniel and I stumbled upon Morgan's Barbecue. They weren't even open yet, but they were doing a FREE TASTING. This is what that meant:


Daniel and I were served a delicious dinner that tasted just like home -- totally free. Free, y'all. FREE

And by the way, it really was tremendous. We spoke with one of the owners who had recently migrated from Texas (hey, we did that too!). He used to work at Franklin Barbecue in Austin, a place so famous for the things they do with meat that it regularly looks like this:

So yeah, you know they are making some damn good barbecue at Morgan's. We were huge fans of the crazy tender brisket and semi-sweet tea.

Anyway, my life was made by Morgan's, and when they open on September 5th, you should all go there (267 Flatbush Avenueand show them some love. They don't have a website or Twitter or Facebook or ANYTHING, but when they do, I will make sure to send you all their way. 

Oh, and also, The Elbow Room, an artisanal macaroni and cheese restaurant, will have a counter attached to Morgan's...sooooo life is perfect.

One more BBQ picture for good measure. 
OH, and that thing about the Loch Ness monster....

I found her at Marshall's.

Has anything miraculous happened in your world lately? Free food? Monster sightings? Tell me!


  1. That BBQ looks AMAZING, and makes the crappy marmite sandwiches I just had for lunch seem really weedy and rubbish in comparison. Laaame.

    1. I am ashamed to say that I had to google marmite. After extensive research, I would have to agree that my free BBQ meal trumps the sandwiches you had for lunch. But now I kind of want to try marmite...

    2. Marmite is a famously love-or-hate food. I love it, my boyfriend hates it - and he loves peanut butter but I hate that, so our sandwich spreads are always safe from each other!

      It's got a very strong flavour, and I love it. Original Twiglets are marmite flavoured too, and tasty as all getout.

      If you struggle to find brand-name marmite, you might be able to find own-brand stuff just labelled "yeast extract", which is identical.

  2. Mmmm! My mouth is SO watering, right now!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I didn't trip and fall off the treadmill yesterday. That was pretty miraculous in it's own right.
    I really do love when things like this happen and completely turn the day around. :) And now I'm hungry.

    1. If I'm being honest, getting on a treadmill would be the miracle for me. I am terrified of them for exactly that reason.

  4. My sister and I got like half a dozen free cookies from a molten chocolate cake restaurant last week, because the server broke them taking them off the tray and we just happened to be sitting at the bar. And they were damn good cookies, too.

    1. Oh man! That is super lucky. You win. Cookies always win.


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