Saturday, December 14, 2013

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Today, I dedicate to you, my readers, the following song:

But seriously, have I told you lately that I love you? Well, darling, I'm telling you now.

We are nearing the end of the year, and when I look back on my slew of joys from the past twelve months, you guys are damn near the top of it. That might seem a strange thing actually. I mean, several of you I have not even met, but believe it or not, you have played a pivotal role in the direction of my life this year. Seriously. Is that weird?

It started in February when I wrote a post about things I wish I had done differently at my wedding. Suddenly, overnight, my blog went from being a place for my family and friends to check in on my life to a place where thousands of people were reading my writing on a daily basis. To this day, that post still gets a ridiculous number of hits, and I'll be honest, I think a lot of people probably just read it, chuckle a little to themselves, and move on to niche wedding blogs. A totally respectable choice in my mind. 

But what I have been so humbled by this year is that a miraculous handful of you have stuck around. You have interacted in the comments section, provided advice for me and my husband, sponsored my endeavors, and shared your stories. Your interaction in this place called Avoiding Atrophy has given me confidence to call myself a writer and to make big decisions for my future that I never thought I would make. 

But it's not just about the things you have done for me. I love you for other reasons, don't you worry. Recently, my friend Lauren asked me what is one of my favorite compliments that I've ever received. The honest truth is that I love receiving comments where readers say things along the lines of, "I think we would be great friends!" because A) that means that hopefully I've communicated my thoughts in a fun and interesting way, and B) I TOTALLY think we would be great friends too!

Each time I read your hilarious observations on life, I am positively tickled. TICKLED, y'all. So not only do I have readers who interact with my writing and make me feel like my dreams can come true, but also, I actually like you guys. I mean, that's rare, right?

A page from Sandol Stoddard Warburg's  adorable book, "I Like You"

Anyway, the New Year is coming up, and I'm one of those old softies that makes resolutions. Given the fact that you all have been such a strong presence in my life in 2013, I have resolved to give back to you guys much more in 2014. Last week, I did my first giveaway, and I'll definitely continue doing more of those while also finding other ways to make Avoiding Atrophy a place that serves its readership. 

Again, I really like you guys, and I want you to really know that. In the meantime, while I'm shy of ideas, I made you this card:

Get it?! Because he's sitting in front of LOADS of laundry!


...don't worry...I'll think of something better next time.


  1. Aw I'm glad that pin brought me to your blog, and it was at just the right time too because I had just gotten a blogger so I was like Oh! I can follow them! awesome!! I even believe I told you in my first comment that you make me wanna be friends with you. haha! You just have that kinda personality and writing style. Can't wait to read more from you in 2014 <3

  2. I'm glad I found your blog, through a forum share. And I'm glad those posts brought you success this year, it just goes to show that your style does you credit! You come across as so enthusiastic and open and friendly, it's quite contagious.

    I hope it continues next year! :)


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