Monday, September 26, 2011

I have 10 Minutes to tell you

I have ten minutes to write and a great desire to do so. I'm a slow writer, so let's cut right to the chase.

I got this in my e-mail the other day.

Good question, David's Bridal. I've been wondering that myself. So much of my last year has been propelling me towards my wedding, but now what? Deciding on a centerpiece was hard enough, but now I have a whole life to plan.

The good news is I'm not alone. I've got a partner in my confusion. His name is Daniel and he looks like this.

I married him. We live in an apartment with a sun-dried tomato accent wall in the living room. Our wireless network is called "Hootenanny" and we have a corner behind our kitchen table with nostalgic stuff we can't bear to part with (plus a few wedding gifts we still need to return). 

We have been applying to jobs like crazy, but in our free time, we've been hanging out with some new friends.

They really hit it off.

We've also been spending some time with family. 

On a scale of 1 - 10, how related do we look?

My mom's birthday. Note the ShamWow and the Alumawallet. Obviously she has never seen such technology.

It's been happy, great, beautiful, fun, BUT I still feel like I'm waiting to get started. I don't know, David's Bridal, I guess I just thought I would have an answer to your question by now. IS this real life? If it is, I'm happy to embrace it because it is like a party every single day, but if there's more (and David's Bridal, feel free to tell me), I think I'd like to know.


This is a wall in the bedroom of our apartment that is a real puzzler. I just can't figure out what to do with it. Any ideas? I would love your thoughts in the comment section of this post.

Okay, times up. It was longer than 10 minutes. On my way to Reagan's. Sorry to keep you waiting, girl. 


  1. Check out Pinterest. There are tons of fun ideas!!! Glad to see you and Dan are doing well. Enjoy the in-between stages in life now, it's the fun part! :D

  2. Megan, I love you. I was hoping you would be the one to respond with an answer to my wall dilemma.

  3. do a gallery wall! Like this:

    or this (a little funkier):

    or something a little different, and my person favorite:

  4. ooo! I love all of those! I'll have to sell Daniel on it, but I think he'd be into it. He wants to put a giant bookshelf there...obviously.


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