Friday, August 16, 2013

Home Decor as Procrastination

Today is one of those days where, in an impressive attempt to avoid several far more pressing responsibilities, I've decided to do some home decorating!

It mostly involves actually getting art up on the walls. We've been nearly-hoarding a pile of artwork in our living room for the past few weeks. I'm not sure why it always feels like such an arduous decision when it comes time to hang a picture, but it does, and that's why we usually just watch Orange is the New Black instead.

Some art we finally decided to toss on our wall

So we put some art on our walls. Fine. No big deal, right?


Well, that's not all folks. Today, I am doing something that I would rarely ever think to do. Actually, Daniel and I are doing it together, but I suspect he will do most of it. 


We are painting a dresser!

This dresser, in particular:

A neighborhood friend of ours is moving (sad!), so she needed to get rid of this little guy. We've been looking for a new dresser, so she gave us this one for free! Daniel and I tried to fit it in our car and couldn't, so we ended up walking it home, causing a fantastic scene in our neighborhood. A kind stranger saw us struggling and leant us a dolly. It was a Christmas miracle. 

I usually prefer having love-worn, vintage pieces in my home to having new things. It's sappy, but I just love imagining where my furniture lived before it came into my life. This dresser, in particular, came with a little hint to the life it had before my friend owned it:

"Sara Silver, May 8, 1992"
Seriously, how cute is this? I found this in the bottom drawer, and while it definitely makes me feel like Sara Silver is haunting our new dresser, I hope we make her proud with the new paint job.

Daniel is deglossing it now, so I'll post pictures when it's done, and I will be honest about what percentage of the work I actually did.

Have a happy weekend! What are you up to? 
Are you doing anything as productive as painting a dresser?


  1. That is so sweet! I am not doing anything so labor intensive as painting... but i did just clean out my closet, so that's something. :)

    1. That's definitely something! That's next on my list. Let me know how it goes because I have no idea where to even begin.

  2. Wow.. Great thoughts on mind! really appreciable work going on. Use some vibrant colors for that dresser..


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