Saturday, September 7, 2013

Big News, folks!


Big News!

I am pleased to announce that

Avoiding Atrophy is now accepting sponsors!

Also, in other news, I'm watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix.

Head on over to my Sponsor page where you can check out my stats and read all about the different ways that we can work together! If you've ever wanted to contribute to the landscape here at Avoiding Atrophy, or if you're looking to expand your blogging horizons, now is your time! I'm offering ads and guest posts and all kinds of fun things, so check it out, and thanks in advance for your support. You are just the berries, as my mom would say.

As an act of my sincere appreciation, please enjoy this Vine of Yoda, the munchkin cat.

Anyway, thanks for checking in today, folks! I'm tempted to stay longer, but it is just too damn beautiful here in Brooklyn not to be outside. There is that nice little nip in the air that indicates that everything is about to become pumpkin-flavored. 

By the way, did Fall always equal pumpkin EVERYTHING? Somehow I feel like it's gotten a little out-of-hand in the last few years...

Seriously, what?

Have a fantastic weekend, ladies and gents!
Has Fall arrived in your neck of the woods? 
If so, get out there and experience the pumpkin glory!


  1. Wait, is that your cat?? Because it's adorable.


    1. I wish! Unfortunately, my cat has normal-sized legs and scratches up my couch.

  2. Those pringles aren't real, are they? That sounds...inappropriate. I just discovered your blog, and holy crap. I think we are bloggy soul sisters. You've got good stuff here. You're damn funny and you can write. Loving it. Also: you're from Texas. +2 points.

    1. Thanks, Jenn! Just checked out your blog and was hooked when I saw your pics from 5Pointz! I was just there the other day, and it breaks my heart that they are going to tear it down. Anyway, so good to see another native Texan blogger in NYC! And yes, those Pringles are unfortunately real.


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