Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What More Could We Ask For?

Today I posted a picture that lit up my Instagram like no other picture I've ever posted. It wasn't of a baby or a cat or any of the usual things that would get such high levels of love on social media. It was a tree. A really beautiful tree, but a tree nonetheless. It seemed to rock everyone's world, so I thought I would share it with you. I hope it rocks yours as well.

Are you loving it? I took this today on a stroll in Prospect Park right here in Brooklyn. This park is a place of peace and reflection for me squeezed in-between one of the most densely populated areas in the country. It is one of my greatest geographical blessings, and I thank God every time I'm there. 

Prospect Park just never seems to disappoint, no matter the season. This picture is obviously of a crisp autumn day, but check out this beauty I took back in the spring.

I mean, come on!

I remember this day well, actually. Two weeks prior, I had put in my notice at work, and this was the first morning in which I was truly free of a job that had felt fairly suffocating. There was relief, sure, but as I walked around Prospect Park that morning I had no idea what I was going to do, what my next steps were, and I was positively riddled with anxiety and self-doubt. As I approached this blossoming tree and began to take in how truly beautiful it was, a man standing nearby (the one pictured above) caught my attention. He was smiling ear-to-ear as he lifted up his arms, looked at the sky and said to himself and to me, "Praise God. What more could we ask for?" 

Now, a lot of things have been said to me by strangers in New York City. Just today, while I was feeling particularly fierce in my red coat, a man pointed at me and announced to passersby, "The lady in red doesn't impress me! She turns me on, but she does NOT impress me!" And that's a far more tame version of the things usually shouted at me, and all women in New York City, on a daily basis. I tend to roll my eyes and forget most of it by lunch time. 

But I have never forgotten the words spoken to me by the man in Prospect Park that day. It was exactly what I needed to hear in that time of my life. There I stood full of anguish over the uncertainty of my future when in front of me stood a symbol of God's provision. I had everything I needed. The sun rose that morning. I was breathing and my blood was pumping. Everything else in my life -- the caring friendships, the faithful husband, the vibrant city in which I was living -- were gifts. Seriously, what more could I ask for? 

Any time I am in Prospect Park, I am reminded of that same lesson. Then I leave, and I forget it pretty much immediately because life is crazy and I can be pretty dramatic about it sometimes. 

Oh well. Thankfully the park is just a short walk away anytime I need it. 

What gifts in life have you been reminded of lately?


  1. Oh gosh, this is totally NOT what the focus of your post was, but I love what that crazy guy said to you! First off, I could never deal with daily comments like those, but wow! What a thing to say.

    He is obviously so crazy that confidence is not even a word in his vocabulary. If I was crazy, I wish I could pull sayings like that out of my brain. Seriously.

  2. I just read your article on Hellogiggles "Progressively married at twenty-two" and could very much relate! I love your blog -- you've got a new follower! Also, without sounding creepy, I have the same hot air balloon poppy&fern necklace you are wearing in one of the photos in the "meet Christy" section. I just get really excited when I see people wearing her jewelry because the maker is one of my close friends. Anyways, glad to stumble upon your blog! :)

    1. Not creepy at all! You are actually the second person to see that picture and tell me they know the maker of my necklace. She must be an awesome gal.

      And thanks so much for all of your sweet words. I'm glad my article resonated with you, and I'm doubly glad that you've decided to follow!


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