Monday, December 2, 2013

20 Things I'm Thankful For AFTER Thanksgiving

How good was that turkey, guys? I mean, seriously. I feel like I've been in a tryptophan-induced hibernation since last Thursday, and I have to say, I am a little disoriented coming out of it.

Thanksgiving was honestly almost too lovely. The food, the friends, the wine, the even more wine -- it was so good that, by comparison, it made today look like a big ol' bucket full of snakes. Why a bucket full of snakes? I don't know. It's basically the worst thing I could come up with, and somehow I feel like it just fits. Don't over-think it.

I mean, would you want to carry that bucket around? No? Me neither, but that's what my day felt like.

Did anyone else experience this? Did anyone wake up this morning feeling like...oh crap...I have to actually work now, and I don't want to, and everything is terrible because there is no more pie?

If you didn't wake up feeling like that this morning, you're one of the good ones. You're probably the person who remembers to be thankful on days that aren't Thanksgiving. I admire you, and I would really like to go grab coffee with you soon if you're up for it.

For me, gratitude does not come naturally. I learned this recently during a chat hosted by Altitude Design Summit on Twitter. Each week, they put out a series of questions and a bunch of us eager blogger types answer them and favorite all of each others' posts. It's wonderful. It's called Alt Chat. You should join us.

Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, they asked...

I realized in that moment that not only is gratitude NOT second nature for me, but I am not sure I am even working to develop it. I tend to be an anxious Chicken Little-type, constantly screaming, "The sky is falling!" or "Life is like a bucket of snakes!" That's how I roll, and it definitely creeps in on my thankfulness game.

I mean, let's be's easy to be thankful when you have all of this right at your fingertips:

The gorgeous Thanksgiving Day spread put together by my friends Lauren, Kaley, Monike, Spencer, and Janine. I honestly didn't lift a finger.
But on days that are less pie-filled and more just regular stuff-filled, I've got to be honest, I really suck at being thankful.

And thankfulness is really important, guys. Throughout AltChat, the women I spoke with cited gratitude as one of the most important things you could ever pass on to your children. After all, a thankful child becomes a humble, caring adult. Envision a world where people didn't think their own needs were most important, where people rejoiced over the very small things they had and helped anyone who had less. Imagine if that were the norm. It would be pretty great.

So now, on the rude awakening that is the Monday after Thanksgiving, I'd like to work on my gratitude by sharing some things for which I am thankful. Some are big, some are small. All of them mean something to my life, even on days that aren't Thanksgiving.

  1. Netflix...because remember Blockbuster?
  2. The people who read this blog...because seriously, you could be doing literally anything else. Like, seriously. Why are you even here? You're amazing.
  3. Google chats with my sister...because every time I see that she's available to chat, I do a little happy dance that she doesn't know about.
  4. Pinterest...because DIY Christmas gifts are happening this year, and they are going to be amazing. 
  5. My hubs...because he's the kind of person who gets excited that his birthday falls on Thanksgiving. 
  6. My cat, Frasier...because when he snuggles, I know he means it...because he almost never snuggles.
  7. My church, OSNY...because it's a community based in the things that actually matter.
  8. Diet Dr. Pepper...because it hasn't failed me yet.
  9. This Vine of this baby...because it also hasn't failed me yet.
  10. My Brooklyn neighborhood, Ditmas Park...because she's a treasure
  11. My parents...because of everything. Seriously everything.
  12. So many wonderful people living in Texas (and sprinkled elsewhere throughout the US)...because you guys are my heart.
  13. So many wonderful people living in NYC...because you guys are my life-preserver.
  14. Boots...because they make me feel like a badass when I'm walking to the subway.
  15. My in-laws...because they taught me the phrase "Cool it, Quentin" and I love them dearly for that and so much more.
  16. Good advice...because I need a lot of it.
  17. Grace and forgiveness...because I need a WHOLE LOT of it.
  18. My sisters...because they gave me deodorant at an early age when I didn't even know I needed it.
  19. SMAC...because they make the best macaroni and cheese the world has ever known.
  20. Writing/blogging...because it's my favorite.

This week, even though life may feel like a big, fat bucket-o-snakes, let's make a pact to practice the thankfulness that comes so easily when our faces are being stuffed with turkey. Let's keep this thankfulness train going forever until the world is a way better place.

Start now. In the comments, share your post-Thanksgiving gratitude list!


  1. I'm so thankful that I have two families: A family home in Texas, and a family I created in Taiwan, where I live and work. :)

    Love reading your blog - I'm a fellow Texan, and I've always dreamed of living in New York City - big time. Maybe I'll head that way when I leave Asia!

    1. From Texas to Taiwan? That seems so fun! I'm glad you've been able to find community in a new place, and if your adventure ever ends there, feel free to give NYC a shot!

  2. I always find it easier to be happy and thankful around this time of year, even if there is no pie in the immediate vicinity, because there is basically a constant possibility of pie until about mid-January, by which point I'm pretty sick of pie anyway. But basically I am a child and from my birthday (25th November) until New Year I'm basically one big fizzing ball of barely-contained excitement.

    That baby vine is amazing.

    1. The possibility of pie = thankfulness...until there is too much pie. Agreed!

      And by the way, Happy belated birthday, Claire! I hope it was a fabulous one.

  3. I am thankful for true friends and for my brothers and for my church and for tumblr and NaNoWriMo and Doctor Who and Star Trek and Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings and for internet and tea and museums and bookstores and many other things that i need more time to remember. I am thankful that somehow i am still alive, life is a strange, mysterious, wonderful thing- it hurts like hell sometimes but mostly i'm still thankful for it.

  4. I VERY MUCH AGREE WITH #5!!! People will eat pie on my birthday next year and that makes me all sorts of happy!!!

    "5. My hubs...because he's the kind of person who gets excited that his birthday falls on Thanksgiving."


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