Monday, March 3, 2014

My Favorite Live-Tweets from the Oscars (and an announcement)


I mean, last night was a roller coaster, wasn't it? One minute I was cringing at Liza's unhappy response at being called "sir" and the next I was having convulsions trying to figure out what happened in John Travolta's brain when he attempted to say "Idina Menzel". Whoopi lifted her skirt, Bette sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" totally unironically, and Jared Leto gave his mom his slice of pizza without a second thought. What a ride.

It was excellent on all fronts, but what I appreciated most about the Oscars last night, or any live televised event for that matter, was the top-notch live-tweeting that went down. It sounds positively unromantic, but Daniel and I spent the evening with our noses in our iPhones, scouring Twitter for the best commentary on the event. Here are some of my favs (heads up, some of these people are famous and some of them most certainly will be one day):

*during Bette Midler's performance*

*after Bette's performance when she started to speak, but it cut to commercial*

*during Darlene Love's impromptu performance of His Eye is on the Sparrow*

And I'm not going to lie...I was kind of on my game last night, too.

Like, I don't could follow me if you wanted (she said, completely empty of desperation).

Anyway, what were some of your favorite moments/tweets from last night?

Before I go, I just wanted to alert you to something happening on the blog a little later this week...

A while back, I blogged a post titled "10 Things I Like About Myself." It was all about our culture's confusing standards on confidence, and how we should just screw it all, and admit that we actually like ourselves. I then challenged myself to come up with ten things I legitimately appreciate about the person I am -- ranging from the superficial (my secret dancing skills) to the more meaningful (my ability to listen). Being the wonderful readers that you guys are, many of you responded very positively, and some of you even suggested turning this concept into a linkup.

Well, hey, you got it!

This Wednesday, I'll be hosting a 10 Things I Like About Myself Linkup! That's right! In the meantime, start thinking of at least ten things you like about yourself as well as any thoughts you have on self-confidence and positivity. Write it all down in a post on your blog (if you've already written one previously, great!), and join me on Wednesday when I post the linkup. Connect your post, and be sure to read everyone else's too!

Oh, and also, spread the word! Once I post the linkup, there will be no deadline. This is a chance to empower the people in your life to love themselves, which as well all know, helps us to love each other better, which is the very thing that has the power to change the word.

So start brainstorming. Start writing. Link up. Spread the word. Be amazing.

Okay NOW tell me your favorite moments from the Oscars/tweets/anything, really. I'm not too picky.


  1. I'm excited about the link up!

    I thought the Oscars were funny. I think Ellen was a great host. I did cringe at Liza Minelli's reaction to be called sir.

    1. I'm excited about the linkup too! I can't wait to see people say positive things about themselves.

      Also, very glad I wasn't the only one who felt awkward during that Liza moment. Sweet Lord, what was with her last night?!

  2. haha the John Travolta slip up was so odd! I enjoyed the acceptance speeches a lot this year! I felt like they were so much better than a lot of other awards shows have been! Following you on twitter now :)

  3. Benedict Cumberbatch was the best thing about this year's Oscars, and no one can tell me otherwise. Oscars photobombing benedict cumberbatch is my spirit animal.


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