Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Public Service Announcement About Breakfast

Did you know that there are people in this world who voluntarily skip out on eating breakfast? Not because they don't have access to it or because they are on some kind of cleanse. They. Just. Don't. Eat. Breakfast.

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Frankly, this baffles me. It really does. I mean, I can hardly even process being a person before getting some food in my body. I was thinking about all of this today as I was chowing down at 10:30 AM, which, by the way, was WAY too late for me to be eating breakfast. It's usually the first thing I do in the morning, but today I'd had to forgo it for a while. Up until I got some food in front of me, I had basically been a walking nightmare. I was slow and angry, like some hybrid of a sloth and a honey badger, and my head felt like it was made of lead. It was a terrible feeling. How do these breakfast avoiders do it every day?!

They say that breakfast is the meal of champions (or is that just Wheaties?), but for me, breakfast is the meal of a functioning human being. Of course, there is tons of science to back me up, and your mother has been telling you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for years (not my mother though because she skips out on her breaky on the reg). Still, you're not eating it. Why? Why?!

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One reason is that you're busy. I don't super care about this reason because we're all busy. Next.

Another reason is maybe that you don't love the feeling of heavy food in your stomach first thing in the morning. May I recommend some yogurt then? Next.

Or maybe you have just lost all romance for this once-beloved meal. Remember when you were a kid on Saturday mornings and aromas of sausage and biscuits would waft into your bedroom, and you just couldn't imagine not having a great day? Now as an adult, breakfast seems like just one more thing to do before heading to work, and if you are going to suffer the burden of eating it, it better be healthy. 

In college I remember having an existential crisis in the cereal aisle. While surveying all of my options, I knew in my heart that what I wanted was a family-sized box of Cinammon Toast Crunch, but in my head I was thinking, "You're an adult now! Have some self-respect and get a cereal with wheat germ in it or something." In that moment, my breakfast-eating habits felt like they needed to reflect a higher level of responsibility. What was once a meal full of sugary cereals with prizes inside was now a statement of my maturity. I can see how these sad thoughts could make someone want to skip out on breakfast all together.

But you know what I did? I bought the Cinammon Toast Crunch, and I ate it every morning for a week while doing a little happy eating dance. Oh, by the way, I have a happy eating dance, and it looks kind of like this:

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Some part of my brain has not allowed me to forget how important eating in the morning is, and for that I remain puzzled by the people who deliberately skip out on this celebratory meal. For me, it's an outrage similar to watching someone walk through a blizzard without a coat. In the same way that just looking at them makes me feel somehow colder, just knowing that you haven't eaten breakfast makes me wildly hungry.

So for my sake, friends, eat your damn breakfast. It's delicious, and it helps you to not die. Here are some wonderful options, some of which are healthy, some of which are definitely not, all of which will hopefully remind you what a joyful meal breakfast can be:

Power Granola via Our Neck Of The Woods

Breakfast Tacos via Barefoot In The Kitchen

Fresh Lemon, Blueberry, and Honey Yogurt Breakfast Bowl via Wandering Spice

Easy Cheesy Breakfast Casserole via Give Me Some Oven

Toast with Avocado and Sea Salt via Heather Bullard

Baked Vanilla Bean Donuts via Cooking Classy

It's a magical meal, folks! Give it the respect it deserves. For the record, while I was writing this post, I became incredibly hungry, so I'm going to go do something about that. While I'm taking care of that, let me know what your favorite breakfast is!


  1. I am with you on this. I don't understand people who say "I don't eat breakfast". To me that's like saying "I don't breathe". It is the best meal of the day, hands down.

  2. girl I eat breakfast every morning coco puffs or fruit loops!

  3. Breakfast - by far my favorite meal of the day. I think tomorrow I am going to try Avocado toast. That's normally a (favorite) dinner for me! Most days those, it's Bob's Red Mill Muesli. I cannot get enough of that stuff

  4. Ah, I'm the biggest breakfast fan. Every morning I have greek yogurt (or homemade yogurt) with granola (pumpkin flax mixed with coconut almond mixed with gingersnap from the flatbush coop), avocado, berries, and honey. I'm NON FUNCTIONING without it. Skipping breakfast is the saddest thing.

  5. Breakfast is perfection. I am a hangry monster unless I get my giant bowl of Cheerios in the morning. Yellow box is the best, for sure. And one of my goals during my husband's deployment was to create the perfect breakfast taco. The trial and error has been delicious.

  6. I LOVE BREAKFAST. And now I really want a doughnut. Why are the most delicious things the worst for you?!?

  7. My favorite breakfast is a Denver omelette, but I usually make either scrambled eggs, Greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon or peanut butter on whole wheat toast in the mornings. I am definitely going to try the avocado on toast tomorrow for breakfast - looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  8. see i like croissants but they're so naughty so then i have nothing!! unless i am at home then eggy toast all the way!

  9. Mmm! This post is making me realize how hungry I am. All I had for breakfast was a trail mix type bar. Now it's 2 pm and I need to eat! To answer your question, my favorite breakfast food is pancakes. I also love cinnamon toast crunch.


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