Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If I haven't been blogging lately...

I've been a little off-the-grid over the past couple of weeks, blog-wise. Usually when that happens, I return with an apology of some sort. I'll start out with a little joke ("Is this thing on?"), proceed to acknowledge the situation ("It's been positively forever since my last post!"), and I will spend the rest of the first paragraph making some lofty promises ("I assure you, friends, I will never leave you in the lurch again!").

But the problem with that whole song-and-dance is that it seems to imply that you even noticed I was gone in the first place. I mean, don't get me wrong -- I think Avoiding Atrophy is a great website, one that you should definitely subscribe to and follow on social media. But honestly, it probably ranks fairly low on the list of your life's priorities, and I get that. In my absence, you've probably been doing just fine, going to work, meeting friends for happy hour, rushing to doctor's appointments, watching the news, etc. You haven't spent the entirety of my time away refreshing avoidingatrophy.com over and over, feeling increasingly alarmed with each passing day.

But in case you happened to be severely affected, for whatever reason, by my blogging hiatus, to you I say sorry. If you haven't been able to sleep or maintain baseline hygiene because you were worried sick about me and the fate of this blog, let me be the first to say oopsies...that one's on me.

My hope today is to return to this art of blogging with vigor, but I kind of want to explain some things I've been up to so that in the event that an unexplained absence occurs again, you'll be prepared. Here's what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks instead of blogging:

--Writing articles for Salon.com (such as this one and this other one)
--Just being generally bizzay
--Sitting in this hammock on Governor's Island:

--Running NINE MILES, the furthest I've ever run in my entire life, while training for my upcoming half marathon
--Dreaming of throwing a caftan party (read this piece from nymag.com, and holla if you're interested)
Via artfire.com
--Eating sandwiches with grace and elegance

--Taking selfies with best friends from foreign lands (Cleveland, Tennessee)

--Making a copycat version of Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding (courtesy of Blue-Eyed Bakers)
--Watching my husband speak incredible, life-changing truths at OSNY

--Prepping to speak at Alt SLC Summer (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
--Cutting Footloose at the Awesome 80s Prom

--Creating a vivid fantasy life on my Pinterest boards
--Doing cartwheels in the park because I am finally convinced that winter is actually over
--Eating just so much shrimp

And, guys, those are just the things I was awake for. Dream Christy did a whole host of other things like run for President and lose all of her teeth.

But seriously, whether they are legitimate excuses, those are the things I've been doing instead of blogging lately. In the future, if I ever disappear from the blogging world unexpectedly, you can rest assured that I'm just eating a bunch of shrimp.

But no, I've been hustling quite a bit lately, and really, I'm sorry I was gone. I look forward to shoving all kinds of new material in your face in the weeks to come! What have YOU been up to lately?


  1. I started this thinking, "Oh no, not another 'apology post' " but it's funny! I greatly enjoyed your elegant sandwich face, and I'm glad to know that any future disappearances will be due to delicious shrimp. I don't blame you - shrimp is pretty baller.

    Jenn | Business, Life & Design

  2. sounds like youve had a lot of amazing things going on and sometimes living life is more important than blogging about life :)


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