Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My word for the year 2015: Collaboration

Resolutions are rough. I mean, I'm glad people make them, and I generally think they are a fine idea, but they can also be a recipe for disappointment. The problem, of course, comes in the loftiness of our ambitions. In years past, I have resolved to do a lot of things that seemed reasonable on December 31st and wholly laughable on January 1st, and I bet I'm not alone in this. Perhaps we would all be better off making resolutions to spend more time on Instagram, take the elevator instead of the stairs, drink less water, read fewer books, and doubt ourselves at every turn. At least we would be more likely to keep those.

Instead, we make these highly specific, grand proclamations for the ways in which our lives will be different. We shout these goals aloud at parties while clutching bottles of champagne and wearing sparkly dresses ("AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, THIS WILL BE THE YEAR I LEARN TO PLAY THE GUITAAAARRRR!"), and the next day we pray that no one remembers what we said.

Or maybe I'm the only one who does that, who knows.

Regardless, for me, resolutions have become less inspiring over time. They have become these things that bind and restrict. These outlandish promises create unnecessary guilt, regret, frustration, and I'm just not feeling like making any this year.

Instead, I've decided to just give myself a word -- one word to inspire my year while providing freedom and grace for myself.

That word is Collaboration.

In 2015, I would like for my actions and decisions to be filtered through a lens of admiration for others. Instead of falling into my temptation of isolation, I want to use every opportunity I can to seek the talents of those around me. I want to make something with someone else that I couldn't make on my own, to be refreshed by new ideas, to meet wonderful people who do wonderful things. I want partners. I want a team.

I don't really know what this looks like yet, but I know that it is something I am craving. In work, in art, in writing, and in every other area of my life, I want this year to be less about how far I can take myself and more about what can be created when talents are combined.

So, yeah. Collaboration. That's my word, and believe me, it's not an easy one. I'll be the first to admit that my default mode is to do it myself and take pride in that fact. There is a time and place for independence, but for now, I'll try teamwork and copious amounts of help, love, and support. Let's do this, 2015.

How about you? What would be your word for the year?


  1. I've done the "One Little Word" Ali Edward's course the past two year and it's really amazing having a word to guide you! I bet you'll love it!! And collaboration is a great word!!

    Happy New Years!

  2. I am doing this as well and my word for this year is self. Good luck to you! Great choice.

  3. This sounds great. I usually have a big resolution list and I love it and it motivates me. In the last couple years I also had a word in mind. This year I am still pondering but I think "Appreciation" could be the one.
    Have a wonderful start in this new year 2015,

  4. This is great, Christy! Thank you for a super start to 2015...I decided today that my word for the year will be 'Balance'. I've spent the last year trying to change my life and I have managed some things, but need to find that nice balance between the old and new :-) Fingers crossed for 2015! Best of luck, you're a star. Emily

  5. Christy, this is EXACTLY my word for 2015. My aim this year is to collaborate with fellow bloggers and build a team - I just don't know what that looks like yet. I love creating content on my own but it's always been a dream of mine to create with others and I'm ready to chase this dream now. If you have any tips, please let me know!

    Holly xx |

  6. At first I thought maybe the word "fun" for me but now i'm thinking "enjoy". I want to really focusing on enjoying all the different experiences in my life after getting too caught up in work and the mundane day to day life stuff last year.
    Collaborating is totally something I could focus on too!

  7. I used to make lofty resolutions, but I too am not feeling it this year. I find that I don't stick with them. Last year I had five simple resolutions that were just about being a better person. I don't remember what they were. Obviously, I probably didn't fulfill them. I like the idea of have a word of the year. I'm not sure what my word would be. I've been thinking since I first saw your post. Choosing one word it tough. I'll keep thinking though and see what I can come up with. Good luck with collaboration. And learning to play the guitar ;) Happy New Year!


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