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Hey Hollywood | Q&A

Special treat, guys! Holly from Hey Hollywood is on the blog today answering some of my crazy questions. If you've yet to meet Holly through her wonderful blog, allow me to just tell you that this girl is positively awesome. I've been sponsoring her this last month, and she has been so great about making me feel like an absolute rock star (seriously, if you are a blogger, go snatch up one of her sponsor spots). She's also a woman of many talents and interests with a fiery love for the state of Ohio. Here she is:

1. I'm such a fan of your blog, Hey Hollywood! What inspired you to start it?

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to write. I would write fictional stories all the time as a child. I was a journalism major in college. But jobs tell you what to write about, and I wanted a creative outlet to write freely. So I started blogging seven years ago, and after several blogs and name changes and learning more about the whole blogging scene, Hey, Hollywood was born. It’s definitely a work in progress - me still figuring out my writing style and what I want for this blog; it’s ebbed and flowed - but it’s been a good outlet for me. It’s allowed me to connect with other bloggers and make new friends. Honestly, I didn’t know that anyone would ever read it, but now that they do, I feel obligated to always make it better. To keep growing as a writer, and that is a good thing.

2. What are some things you love about living in the great state of Ohio?

Here are my top 5 things that I love about living in Ohio:

1. Football season. I love football. I am a Buckeye and Cleveland fan, and we are the most loyal fans. We live for game days. Living in Columbus, Buckeye Saturdays are a great time to gather with friends and tailgate - on campus or at home. And I know that the Cleveland Browns get a bad rap, but the fans never lose hope. These teams keep fans coming back week after week - win or lose.

2. All four seasons. Sure, Ohioans complain about how finicky the weather can be one day to the next, but it’s nice to experience each season every year. The fall is my favorite!

3. There’s so much to do. Living in Columbus, there is always something going on - concerts, sporting events, charity events, new restaurant and store openings, galleries and museums, and so much more. Ohio also has wineries, and beautiful places to visit - Hocking Hills, Lake Erie islands, Amish Country, Deer Creek State Park, and more - and vibrant cities to explore like Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. And we have the best amusement park, Cedar Point, and best zoo, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, in the country!

4. It’s constantly growing. Columbus and Ohio attract a lot of companies and businesses, making it a great place for new opportunities as a professional.

5. The people. I’ve met some amazing people, doing amazing things. Sure, there are always going to be assholes, but people are pretty cool here. Columbus is quite diverse as well, which also makes things interesting. I also love that when I travel, you can always count on running into someone from Ohio. Or hearing someone yell out, “O-H!” To which several people always respond, “I-O!"

3. What/who inspires you (in life, or as a blogger, or both)?

As a blogger, I’m inspired by Meagan at Because of Jackie. I love her writing style - she really engages her readers. I love that she dabbles in many topics - fashion, motherhood, life, what inspires her - and she is real. She shares her personal struggles and triumphs, she lets you into her life and makes you think. She is definitely the first blog I read every day.

In life, I am inspired by so many things. It’s not just people, but things and situations. It could be something someone says, it could be something beautiful I see, it could be a feeling - I look for inspiration everywhere. I keep an open mind so that I am constantly observing my surroundings as objectively as I can. I love learning new things - about people and about life. It keeps me pushing myself, and constantly learning and growing and moving forward.

4. If you had to pick two recent posts that truly represent the Hey Hollywood spirit, which posts would you choose and why?

First, I’d choose this post: 30 Facts About Me
There are few posts we bloggers love more than a “facts” post. I love learning about others through these types of posts, so I think this is a good post through which people can get to know me.

Second, I’d choose this post: My favorite quote
What I think this post says about me is that I work hard, play hard and I don’t quit. I like to push myself to always better, to learn more and to do more. It also says that I am up for trying new things and simply enjoying life.

5. When you aren't blogging, what hobbies might we find you pursuing?

When I’m not blogging, I am either coaching high school cheerleading, working out, eating, drinking wine, spending time with my family and friends, pinning my next DIY project or home decorating venture, or eating. Yes, eating is in there twice. I love food. And wine.

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