Saturday, December 13, 2014

Q&A with Stevie Storck

Happy Saturday, friends! Today I'd like you to meet Stevie Storck of Stevie Storck Design Co.! She's a designer from Lancaster, PA with an impeccable sense of style, a beautiful blog, and an Etsy shop called Young Tradition Studio that you should definitely go check out after reading this post (you hear me? AFTER!). She's on the blog today answering some questions about life, design, and inspiration. Check her out!

1. I love people who make big moves to follow their passions. Can you tell me a bit about what led you to launch Stevie Storck Design Co?

It's been an interesting journey! I started blogging in 2011 as an interior design student who was profiling her own DIY projects for her first apartment (under the name Lace & Paper Flowers). As I was creating presentations for my school projects and trying to make my blog look nice, I slowly began teaching myself graphic design. A few months before my college graduation, I started selling custom printable stationery designs through the Etsy platform as Stevie Greek Design! That fall, I married my high school sweetheart (yay!) and started debating the whole name issue. Should I take my husband's name? Should I keep my maiden name professionally? (This was a joke because as a recent college graduate, I barely even had a "career").

Nevertheless, this big life change led to some deep thinking on the identity I wanted to create for myself, personally and professionally. Over the next year, I really analyzed my goals and what I wanted my blog and business to become. In late summer 2014, I launched Stevie Storck Design Co.! To me, it just didn't feel right to draw a hard line between "personal" and "professional". So in addition to my posts about interior design, decorating and DIY projects, I continue to share bits and pieces from my life. As a designer, I want to get to know my clients as their true selves and I want my clients and readers to know me in this same way!

2. In your Etsy shop, Young Tradition Studio, you sell unique, customizable stationary. What has been your favorite part about distributing your designs through Etsy?

My favorite part has definitely been sharing in the joy and excitement of my customer's milestones and celebrations, like getting married or having a new baby. I love it when I really get to collaborate with a client, to create something custom and unique to their event.

3. When you are not designing/writing posts for your site, what do you enjoy doing?

I work full-time as a Design Consultant at INTER!ORS in Lancaster, PA, which I really enjoy but I am also a woman of many hobbies! In addition to the decorating, graphic design and crafting projects I share on my blog, I enjoy singing Choral music, playing the mandolin, trying new recipes, spending time on my family's farm, hanging out with my two adorable nieces and traveling around the country to visit friends.

4. What are two posts that you've written recently which you feel are representative of your brand?

1. Winter Style | Seasonal Color & Decor Inspiration

2. Fall Style | 7 Tips For DIY Wreath Making

5. What/who inspires you?

I used to watch a lot of HGTV, but not having cable in college really weaned me off of that. I still love catching episodes of Fixer Upper with Chip & Joanna Gaines (who may or may not be my role models in life) but mostly I find inspiration from other bloggers and Pinterest! Some of my favorite bloggers are Merrick from Merrick's Art, Emily from Jones Design Company, and Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess. Instagram is also one of my favorite ways to follow designers and bloggers that I admire.

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