Friday, August 14, 2015

7 Things I Liked On The Internet This Week

As a person who regularly creates things for the Internet and expects people to respond by saying, "Brava! Well done! Your blog post about cat names changed my life," I thought it might be time to return the favor. I mean, believe it or not, I'm not only a producer of Internet content, but I am also a consumer. A big one. Articles, videos, blog posts, pet listings, baby name generators -- you name it, I'm distracting myself with it.

That being said, today I thought I'd share some of my favorite things from my Internet stumblings this week. Maybe I'll make this list a regular habit, who knows! Don't pressure me!

1. I've been on a big Reductress kick lately. If you're unfamiliar, Reductress is basically a lady-centric version of The Onion -- fake op-eds, ridiculous headlines, and just unfairly funny writing. This week I recommend a piece by Loretta Donelan called Which Ragged Little Child Is Hiding Under Your Maxi Dress?

2. Speaking of funny things and women and funny women who say and do funny things -- we're all reading The Daily Tay, right? She's one of the good ones. And this week, she brought some realness with her post all about staying sane in the world of blogging. Plus, this morning, she instagrammed this picture of a shrimp-garnished bloody mary, so you just know she is killing it this week.

3. This Buzzfeed post about how most women put on their bras stopped me dead in my tracks. Apparently MOST WOMEN clasp their bras in the front and turn them around? HUH?! I might have done that when I was nine-years-old (yeah, you heard right: I wore a bra at nine-years-old. It paired very nicely with my unibrow), but not no mo. Please, people, weigh in on this! I am concerned!

4. Hellogiggles posted this video of a girl who can make her voice sound like it's autotuned, but like, in a good way. Afterwards, I stalked her Instagram for roughly an hour until I realized she was in high school and then I commenced questioning all of my life choices.

5. Warning: this Clickhole video of bakers watching their beloved loaves of freshly baked bread turned into bread bowls will leave you in tears. Panera, how dare you!

6. I tend to spend a lot of time on, and admit it, so do you. This week, I discovered Alicia, and my heart will never be the same. I am convinced that the first thing a person sees when they get to the pearly gates of heaven may very well be this face:

7. Lastly, remember Wishbone? The tv-dog who taught you to be curious about history, but only insomuch as that history related to your own mundane life? Well, writer Abbey Fenbert, in a piece published in The Toast, has done the brave thing of imagining how this timeless classic was first pitched to PBS execs. Read it. Love it. Live it. (It wasn't published this week, but don't get picky. I'm broadening your horizons).

What did you find on the Internet this week?

P.S. After creating this list, I realized that I only posted content from women -- funny, brilliant, laugh-so-hard-I-cry sort of women -- which probably speaks to a slight bias that is present in my current media diet. I'll try to diversify next week, maybe.

P.P.S After I published this post and created a graphic, I realized I left something important off the list, however, it's 5:30 on Friday, so do you mind if I don't change the title? Cool. Here's the 8th thing I liked on the Internet this week:

I found this really helpful, albeit fairly new website called Workfrom. Freelancers, you'll want to get in on this. It's like Yelp for remote workspaces -- coffee shops, libraries, coworking spaces, etc. I used it this week, and thus discovered the beautiful Marlton Hotel lobby.

I worked there on Wednesday afternoon and pretended I was Hemingway even though I was writing a story about a time I threw up in a mall.



  1. I clasp in the front and turn... but I also wore sports bras until I was 18 so I'm still pretty new at the clasp.

  2. I was FLOORED when I saw that Buzzfeed article about putting on your bra. Who are these front-claspers?! And we would have been quite the pair at nine-years-old; you with your unibrow and my sports bra-wearing self (refused to wear real bras and wanted to tape my boobs down a la Roberta in "Now and Then") with the mustache for bonus content. Yikes.

  3. I totally clasp the bra in the front and then turn it. I'm not coordinated enough to do it other way. haha
    -Kaitlyn :)

  4. I have always clasped in the back. But apparently I'm the only one of my friends who does that, so.

  5. #3 - I've always clasped my bra in the back! Put it on and just clasp haha. I've tried it in the front and then turning it around, but it hurt lol

  6. I like this feature. It's interesting and helpful. No need to change the focus of the links, either. If I want to read about fixing cars, I know where to go. Most women I've seen put on bras do the front-clasping thing.

  7. The bra thing confuses me. Maybe people just aren't very flexible?!

  8. The bra thing confuses me. Maybe people just aren't very flexible?!

  9. Totally a front-clasping-turn-it-around-er.

  10. I seriously can't get over the front claspers! Seriously, they're the majority??? I've always clasped in the back.


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